Chelf and BELZEBUBS were left unattended. 

    This is what happened:

    Chelf : Belzebubs I summon thee. Would you join me in a series of hypothetical scenarios?

    Hop on!

    You are on a psychotic killing spree. What song is playing during the slaying?

    Obesyx: Ars Moriendi by Mr Bungle!

    Hubbath: Damn, t-that was fast…looks like you've given this some thought.

    Obesyx: I have a lot of free time.

    Hubbath: Well, the question reminds me of the party we had last weekend with the boys and girls from the Multidimensional Luciferian Advanced Beings Society. I think we were mostly listening to Toto and Journey.

    You’ve been kidnapped. The characters from the last TV show you watched are trying to rescue you. Who is coming to save you?

    Hubbath: Oh Azazel, I haven’t really watched TV series since 80’s. So it’s either MacGyver or Michael Knight. My ass is saved already!

    Obesyx: Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. I'm good with that.

    You now gain the powers of whatever is your current phone background. What is it?

    Hubbath: Errr…I have here a photo of Obesyx sitting in the toilet. In a tour bus. Taking a dump.

    Obesyx: ...

    Hubbath: Someone grabbed my phone at the party last weekend. I-it's a practical joke, chill.

    Obesyx: ...

    Hubbath: So I dunno…I'm now the world’s best guitarist, even if my brain just functions in a totally unique and unexplainable way.

    Obesyx: Aww, thanks, man.

    Hubbath: It's a good trade. Much better than the Infinity Gauntlet or Jedi powers, heh. What about you?

    Obesyx: I'm now light as a feather, very bendy and squeaky.

    Hubbath: It's a picture of Beatrix, am I right?

    I’m having a party and you have to bring something that starts with the first letter of your name. Surprise me. What do you bring?

    Hubbath: H…Ha…Har…Harvester? A big fucking combine harvester.  Yup…Oh, dear baby Lucifer, I’m bad at this…Sorry.

    Obesyx: Orgasms.

    A huge conflict breaks out. You are alone and get to choose one band to have your back. Who is your choice?

    Obesyx: Doyle.

    Hubbath: Pet Shop Boys look like a bunch of badasses who'd quickly stop even a zombie apocalypse. So them. Stop shaking your head, Obesyx.

    Back to real life Belzebubs! Future endeavors, plans, tours? What do we need to know about your upcoming plans? (and we want to know everything!)

    Hubbath: Oh thank Satan! These were tough, man! But yeah…The album is out and getting rave reviews, so we're very happy, of course. All that hard work finally pays off.

    Obesyx: Yeah. We're not looking to dominate the world, naturally. Get some big shows soon, or soonish, hopefully.

    Hubbath: We're in good hands, so we trust our managers and agents with that. And of course we're already hard at work with new songs. Gotta top the previous album, you know!


    Belzebubs established themselves a cult status in the black metal genre with their self-published debut album Quis Novit Daemonis Astus (2006). The band, originally formed in 2002 as a three-piece by Hubbath, Sløth and Izkariot, found a faster and melodic sound with Obesyx joining the crew. Their second self-published album, Moth of Satanas, followed in 2009, leading the group to sign with Døden Records.

    However, due to a series of unfortunate events, the band was forced on hiatus for the better half of the decade. After numerous line-up changes and signing to a new label, Belzebubs is finally ready to resurrect from the dead with the aid of their new drummer Samaël, who's brought a tight, progressive touch to the rhythm section. The first single Blackened Call came out in June 2018 from Century Media. The full-length album Pantheon of the Nightside Gods came out April 26th 2019.

    Band Members

    Sløth: Guitars & vocals

    Hubbath: Bass & vocals

    Obesyx: Lead guitar

    Samaël: Drums & percussion


    Until the next one,


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