Best Back to School Outfits | 2022 Fashion Trends | to wear at any age

Best Back to School Outfits | 2022 Fashion Trends | to wear at any age

    It’s time to let go of our summer dresses and embrace our preppy selves. Discover the fashion trends you will see everywhere in the 2022 back-to-school season.

    We all love a back-to-school season, no matter how old we get. At almost 29 years old, I still get tempted to buy school supplies once September hits. However, since I got no real use for them, I decide to live my academia-aesthetic dreams by investing in the latest trends!

    After thorough research and some good old fashion-girl instinct, here are my predictions for this year’s back-to-school outfit trends. The best part? They can easily adapt to any style and age!

    Wide-leg Pants

    I don’t think anyone misses the skinny jeans and, thankfully, they are not making a comeback just yet. On the contrary, wide-leg pants will be the star of this fall. In denim, tailored or with a cool slouchy cut, this style of pants is flattering, comfortable, and versatile.  


    Even if it is not really a new trend, it is still a trend. The world pandemic unraveled a global obsession with sweat pants and now that we are getting back into the world, they are coming with us. On a more elegant note, though. 

    Chunky Shoes

    From loafers to heels or sneakers, chunky shoes come in all shapes and sizes. While adding a little something extra to your outfit, these are also a great way to look taller while still being comfortable. 


    I’ve always been obsessed with vests in all shapes and forms and I could not be happier that they are making a comeback. These are a great way to add one extra layer in order to keep you warm or just create a more interesting outfit. Moreover, you can style them with a preppy inspiration or even a boho vibe. 

    Leather Blazers

    When I think of leather blazers I’m immediately transported to the 90s and to style icons like Julia Roberts or Winona Ryder. These are the perfect addition to any look in order to make it edgy while still being elegant. Besides, it will be easy to thrift one of these pieces, whether in your favorite vintage shop or your mom’s old closet. 


    Tie-Dye may just be the way to bring some of that Summer vibe into the Fall season. Gorgeous on silk, sweaters, or accessories, Tie-Dye provides a much-needed twist to the back-to-school style. 

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