Bucket List Item Crossed Off

    Hey good morning Queens,👸 

    This year so far has been great for me because I decided that in everything I want to do I get “DONE” which is my word for 2021. 

                          D  O  N  E

    What do I mean by that you ask?
    If I have a list of items....I complete one each day to check them off.

    If I am struggling to figure something out....I ask for help, no hesitating.

    If I feel overwhelmed with anxiety, wait until tomorrow...listen to my body...it will get completed.

    If I don’t want to do something....I have the right to say no and not feel guilty about it. I can choose Yes or No

    So far for 2021....I am getting everything Done, which leads me to my bucket  ðŸª£ list item.

    One of the items on my bucket list is that I have always dreamed of writing ✍️ a book 📖. I love the ideal of having my name on something I put my heart ❤️ and soul into. I am a writer of my own blog and in these past almost 3 years I have learned a lot about what I like to write. 

    So I did it and 10,000 words later.....

    Words...became sentences....Sentences....became paragraphs...Paragraphs....became pages....and pages became a book 📚 

    And.....just like that, I became an Author!!

    My New Book: “Buying and Selling” just launched yesterday and I am so happy!!😀 

    “Buying and Selling” is a book I wrote over the course of an experience that me and my family had on a journey from selling one home and buying another. Anyone who has done this journey know how stressful it can be so I wanted to share some tips with you.

    Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: Buying and Selling

    The Joneses got more then they bargained for just looking for a bigger space.

    Hope you enjoy the book...I loved writing it!!

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    Have a Great Week Everyone!! 

    To purchase book click here: Buying and Selling

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