Cozying up Your Place with Plants & Other Tips

Cozying up Your Place with Plants & Other Tips

    Good morning ladies,

    This morning I woke up in a very cozy and comfortable room, which has changed quite a lot in the past month. And even cloudy Amsterdam did not affect the atmosphere, on the contrary, it made it more homie.

    A month ago I was quite happy with my room, but now it has become so much better. Here, I’d like to share a few budget tips that made my environment much cozier in a matter of a month:

    1) Move things around

    I believed I found a perfect spot for my bed and other interior pieces. However, playing around in my free time made me realize that it can be so much better. I moved my bed and the carpet, allowing for more light to come into the room. Now, waking up became much easier and more pleasant. As well, it allowed for separating the room into two environments: sleeping & chilling.

    2) Add some greenery

    My place became SO. MUCH. COZIER. by adding just a few plants. They are beautiful, inexpensive, and help to clear up your air.

    3) Add small decor pieces

    There were a lot of expenditures in the past months, therefore I’ve decided to not spend too much on decorating my place this season. I’ve purchased a wonderful high-quality plant pot, which became an interior piece on its own. As well, I added a few candles and magazines. It improved quite a bit.

    4) Clear up your space 

    I collected all the clothing/documents/books/etc that I don’t need at the moment (two full boxes). It cleared up my space quite a bit, opening more space and letting more air in. It’s a very simple tip, which actually works.

    Cozying up your space can be easy and budget-friendly. In your free time, play around, experiment, clear up, and you will be surprised by how much your room will improve with a few simple changes.


    • Shreemayee C Shreemayee C :

      Your room looks so comfy. That's a cool idea indeed! I have to free up my space too. Let's do it ASAP. 

      1 year ago 
      • Julia M Julia M :

        Thank you!😍And, yes, let’s do it!🌱You will feel so much more motivated and inspired!

        1 year ago 
    • Teresa . Teresa . :

      Your room looks beautiful. I agree that a few small changes can make all the difference and keep you feeling motivated and inspired.

      1 year ago 
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