Daily Journaling Prompts | Grounding, Self-Discovery & Manifestation | my favourite journaling routine

Daily Journaling Prompts | Grounding, Self-Discovery & Manifestation | my favourite journaling routine

    Journaling has been a fundamental practice when it comes to improving my mental health. In a world where we always seem to be on the go, I struggle a lot with the feeling that time is just slipping through my fingers. Taking a few minutes to lay down what’s been on my mind not only helps me get a sense that I actually have a hold on my life but also helps me be more mindful and present throughout the day. So, here is my favorite journaling routine for grounding, self-discovery, and manifestation!

    I am not the best at keeping a stable routine even though having one does wonders for my mental health. I’m always looking for ways to simplify all of my daily routine steps to the fullest so my mind does not play tricks on me and finds new excuses to skip these activities. To make sure I journal for at least five minutes every day, I’ve created a very simple structure that is easy and quick to complete, even on those days that I am so not up to it. 


    At the beginning of every year, as your stereotypical self-development-obsessed girl, I like to set new goals and resolutions for myself. I keep this list inside my journaling notebook and, every day, I read and pick the goal that resonates more with me in specific that day. Throughout the day I like to reopen my notebook, remind myself of that goal and reflect on which steps I can take at that moment to become closer to achieving it. 


    Right after I focus on a specific goal, I also like to write down any quote that will work as my mantra for the day. I already have a few go-to mantras that I live by, but sometimes I like to take a daily stroll on Pinterest in search of the perfect quote according to my mood or needs.


    Sometimes, we get so caught up in our future goals that we focus our attention only on what’s lacking rather than on what we already have. Even though I’m all about searching for new ways to evolve, I believe in the undebatable importance of taking time to feel gratitude for the positive things in my life. Therefore, every day, I list three things that I am especially grateful for, at the moment. It can be something big like a new job or having a comfortable home to go to. But, it can also be something small like a nice conversation with a friend or a particularly good cup of coffee. 


    I’ve long given up on the idea of making an infinite to-do list. Besides creating a lot of unnecessary anxiety, it often leads to frustration since we are not always able to stretch our time to impossible lengths. In addition, I find that prioritizing tasks is not only a healthier approach but also a smart decision when it comes to getting the stuff that really matters done. Like so, I also define three things that I must absolutely get done on that day. 

    After completing my basic structure, if I still have some time and I am up for it, I like to extend my journaling either by writing down some affirmations or reflecting on some of my favorite prompts. Here are a few examples:

    - List three things you want to feel today.
     - How do you want people to feel around you?
     - Is there something you need to get off your chest right now?
     - What’s a standard or popular belief/concept that you do not agree with?
     - What’s something you want to do for your body today?
     - Do you believe we have a bigger purpose in life?
     - Where do you feel most loved and safe?
     - List three things that boost your self-confidence.
     - What are you feeling right now?
     - List five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste.
     - What does happiness mean to you?
     - List three things you admire about yourself.
     - List three things you are worried about right now.
     - What do I want to be for myself and others?

    For Mondays:
     - List five things you want to do this week.
     - This week you are excited about…
     - This week you want to spend more time …

    For Fridays:
     - What is something can you celebrate about this week?
     - What did you learn this week?
     - How can you take care of yourself this weekend?
     - What are your intentions for next week?



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