Declutter Your Life

    Right now, we have been forced to come face to face with how we live our lives. Most of us are spending more time at home and start to see things differently but others are immuned to what their life is doing to them. Me for example, I retired a year and a half ago and I thought I would be writing more and traveling and enjoying life to the fullest....

    Well, I got stopped in my tracks because of the pandemic so now I am having be at a stand still at home, I still write my blogs but I cant do what I love which is traveling. So, I discovered that my anxiety had gone way up and in order to get through it, I am in couseling but I am also decluttering my life. I live in a house with 4 other adults and 3 pets. It is challenging. I decided that I would take on the responsibility of cleaning up areas of the house that had been neglected. These are the things I focused on to start my journey to feeling better:

    1st Cleaning out my closet

    I went in my closet and everything you could find and fit in there, was in it. It was so cluttered. It was a hot mess. In order to relieve the stress I was having going into the closet everyday, I went in and eliminated everything that shouldnt be in there and moved things to the proper storage shed. There were tv boxes waiting on warranties-you can guess who put those in there, tons of shoes and clothes I dont wear and wrapping and gift boxes for presents we never used...I ask myself...Why did I buy this not to use it? If you are a shopaholic you know what I am talking about. Ask yourself, everything you have tags on, or dont wear, would it be a blessing for someone else who couldnt afford it? I would love to see a young girl wear some shoes or dress to the prom that she couldn't afford new and dance the night away. I thought about that as I boxed it up for the Goodwill to donate. The closet in now a walk-in as originally intended. I got my husband to get rid of most of the electronic boxes..progress.

    2nd Clean up the backyard 

    I have been looking at my backyard for months now and it has weeds growing out the patio, overgrown trees, too much furniture clustered together, tables not being utilized and more importantly just too much clutter. I had an area set up for my peace and quiet or even talking on the phone but wasps and hornets decided to take over. I couldnt even sit out there anymore. As I was taking my gazebo down 2 days ago,  without being aware of my surrounding, I got stung by a hornet!! 

    So basically, I had an allergic reaction to it! I have been itching and swelling for the last few days but that didnt stop me from finishing the project. I got it done after I got stung before I started to swell. I setup my glass table and umbrella with chairs and cleared all the weeds off the patio. My husband finally hired a guy to come out and take care of the bushes and weeds in the garden. Everything is now clean. My hand and arm are still swelled but going down. Think about the areas you look at most and if it is not functional for you, redo it...it cost nothing but time.

    3rd Created a linen closet

    Sounds weird right? But I have never had a linen closet in my house. I have always split all my towels, toiletrees and toilet paper up into two bathrooms. I got tired of running back and forth. I told the kids to caddy their toiletrees and keep them in their rooms so that if someone is in the 1st bathroom they can go into the 2nd bathroom and still wash up with their toothbrush, etc. I cleared it out and ended up with towels, soap, first aid, toilet paper, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and liquid soap in one place. No more going to the laundry room for cleaning supplies and going to the 2nd bathroom for more soap. Everything is all in one closet and everyone knows where it is.

    4th Rearrange my bedroom

    I cant tell you how frustrating it is when you dont feel like your room is centered because your husband has a 70 inch television that can only stay in one spot. He doesnt want a glare or want dust on it or its not enough room for our son to do Just Dance on Xbox or something else. I just wanted my bed to positioned on a normal spot...it looked so awkward turnt sideways.  I finally broke him down after weeks of convincing. Once I moved everything, I feel such a relief and we both are enjoying the room a lot more. 

    5th My last project-The Shed

    I had planned on tackling it this week but got stung by hornet so I have to get it done next week. I had been planning it for weeks and am trying to get my husband and kids involved. It is a big job! As you open the door to the shed....you close it right back...I am not kidding! We live in Florida where right now it is hotter than hot at 100 degrees right now and hurricane weather so that is also a factor. Once that shed is decluttered and we reorganize it will be awesome. I want to try and get it to a point where we can actually walk in it. 

    All these things proved to cause me anxiety and once it was taken care and organized, it lessened my reaction to it. With only some setbacks, this experiment proved to be theraputic for me. Think of clearing the mess as social distancing your clutter. Less mess more breathing room. Dont forget to subscribe to my blog here:MMMoffamilyentertainment  Stay happy,  healthy and blessed. Have a great week!!☺

    • Julia M Julia M :

      Now in the process of decluttering my wardrobe. Already love how it feels! :) Thank you for sharing!  

      3 years ago 
    • M D M D :

      Counseling and decluttering has been my go-to lately too! Thanks for the further encouragement!

      3 years ago 
    • Katie - L Katie - L :

      I am currently in the process of decluttering. It feels great!   

      2 years ago 
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