Do you want to know a secret?


     I hope you are all OK I've decided to do a little post... 


    If your hoping for juicy gossip going from my blog title unfortunately I'm not allowed to tell all at the moment that's for another article when i'm ready to share but admit its caught your attention hasn't it .


    I wanted to connect to all my fellow bloggers or newbies that are just starting out.


    To give insight into how ive progressed with my blog and what's helped me along the way.


    I'm going to start of by saying welcome to your own special place on the internet where you can completely be yourself , yes you heard that correctly you can be yourself.


    One thing i have learnt from blogging is that its perfectly fine to express yourself but use your experience's and your words constructively.


    Depending on what type of blogger you see yourself as people tend to stick to relatively the same category i.e fashion , travel , reviews etc.


    With me i prefer to just be a lifestyle blogger i can pick and choose from a wide range of subjects that i can create article's from and hopefully my readers can engage and relate to them .


    Trying to find your niche can be tough but once you have the hang of it , its pretty much straight forward.


    Remember that blogging can be a form of therapy to, it's worked better for me than any therapist has.


    Its your experience's that really connects with your readers being completely open helps you engage better with your blogging community to.


    Ive been blogging since April 2019 and at first my reach to my readers was relatively slow but after a few months the number of readers started to get higher and higher.


    Ive never been fantastic at English or spelling as I've openly admitted in previous posts but who cares that's what spell check is for right...


    When i first started my blog i was going through a very bad time in my personal life with no outlet to get all my emotions out but i used my blog to constructively express myself trying my hardest to leave certain experiences out of my blog due to legal obligations .


    So why did i choose a name I hear you all say rather than just call my blog by my own name well its because mine is a brand not just Stacie.


    And Stacie is pretty boring just kidding.


    Call it my alter ego...


    Seashells and Lipgloss comes from my two favourite things and it also links my location within my blog.


    Seashells because i live by the seaside and I love it and lipgloss because who doesn't love lipgloss and the fact i don't go anywhere with out it.


    Fits perfectly for me lets get with how this article can help you find your way in the blogging network .


    Coming up with great tagline titles really does help i sometimes use song lyrics , quotes or my own depending on what subject I'm blogging about and if it's a article , poetry or product review.


    Deciding if your going to be completely truthful or to try curve your words to fit to your audience.


    I choose to be my authentic self I'm very vocal in my every day life i always state if its an over 18 post because i feel its important to give people a heads up if they choose not to engage that's fine not everyone likes cussing .


    Using gifs oh how i love a gif who doesn't i love using them i'm well known for using them to as my other blogging platform community tells me #fashionpotluck.


    There catchy i love them.


    Using your own pictures is always a must especially if your advertsing a product being authentic is important and don't be afraid to blog as many times as you like a day its your blog.


    I try to blog at least once a day to try and keep my viewers interested but someone times life takes over and your not able to so don't worry if you can't blog everyday.



    Coming to the end of my article I want you to all know that if you write a blog and its important to you then it really doesn't matter what other peoples views are its your thoughts you send out to the universe and out on your blog.


    People are not forced to engage they choose to by their own free will.


    So just write your heart out and remember each experience makes us stronger.


    If you have any questions please comment below β€οΈπŸ‘‡


    To donate to my blog follow link below. πŸ”—πŸ”—πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ’•πŸ’•




    Love to you all


    Stacie xx


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