A little over a week ago my family and I returned from a weeks vacation on the island of Sylt. Since then I have been trying to get things done for school, dealing with computer issues, and have not felt the urge to write! But today, I would like to share my families week away with you all! I hope you enjoy it! ?

Family is everything, and if you have the chance to get away from reality for a week with your family, you make it happen. That is exactly what I did! Nestled in the very north of Germany is an island in the North Sea, called Sylt. This island is like the Hamptons of Germany. It is a place that many wealthy people like to retire too, this is obvious from the homes, cars and various toys you see around the island.

BUT, the island is also an amazing place to visit as an “average” family or individual. There are many vacation rentals and hotels, restaurants galore, bike-rentals up the whazoo, and tons of other awesome activities. Water sports, a horseback ride along the coastline, you name it! It is an absolutely stunning place.

I experienced Sylt the first time in January of 2016, at a time in my life that things were far from perfect. The vacation was great, but I can remember the way that I felt at the time and that was not great. I am so happy to have been able to reexperience this lovely island in a much happier state of mind and today I wanted to take you with me ?

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