Fall Wardrobe Essentials


    I remember watching and interview with Alexa Chung once where the interviewer asked her about the size of her closet. She told him that her closet isn't as big as people may think it is and that she values quality over quantity. Since then, I've lived by that philosophy. My closet isn't big by ANY means, so I kind of have to find versatile, classic pieces that I can mix and match. I feel like i've (finally) found that balance and I've had the same staple pieces on rotation for years now! Seriously - when I say essential pieces, I mean these have been my go-to items for 2-4 years now. I wanted to show you guys my take on fall wardrobe staples to help you fill your closet with perfect pieces that'll help you look stylish and stay on budget! 

    Dynamite Button Down Blouse (not the exact one but similar) https://www.dynamiteclothing.com/ca/b... 

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