Fall/winter night routine with a skincare

    When the days start to be so shorter, I became lazier. I don't know if that is just me, I am hoping it's not. 

    In other for me to stay active, productive I am trying to implement a new routine before night comes. The main goal for me is that I walk at least 4-5 km a day. I know that half of the world is on lockdown, but in Croatia, we are allowed to walk around.

    After a walk, I go under the shower. Temporarily, I use the gel from L'Angelica with argan oil. Their products are affordable and you don't need to use too much of the product. Two times a week I use scrub from brad Rituals. They have amazing products. At the end of the summer, I got a gift with their products. It was love at first sight. In case, you are the type of person that isn't bothered by a strong scent you will adore this brand. I have found that they have the best scrubs that I have tried so far.

    For my skincare routine, there is nothing better than my products from FOREO. Luna Mini 3 and UFO 2. If you have the financial possibility to invest in some of these products, I highly recommend doing so. Both devices are gentle and if you have sensitive skin and you are worried, do not be. I have very sensitive, dry, and allergic skin. I do pay a lot of attention to what I am putting on my skin. I can't leave without these products anymore.

    What is the fall or winter routine without coziness and Netflix? I have started to watch Lucifer all over again. If you have good Netflix recommendations feel free to let me know.

    I love to be always productive and take advantage of time always. I am trying to maximize my productivity with good tools for youtube. I am using a combination of TubeBuddy and vidIQ. They save me a lot of time researching for the next video and planning the videos in advance. As for writing, my first language is not English. Sometimes I am making myself insane because I am afraid of saying something silly. I think my English has approved more thanks to Grammarly.

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