Get Started in a New Field From Anywhere in the World

Get Started in a New Field From Anywhere in the World

    As technology continues to drive change in various industries around the world, young people are presented with more and more career opportunities than ever. Young professionals are able to work in far more realms than their parents and grandparents did. Actually, this is probably part of the reason that more young people move from one job to the next far more often than their predecessors did.

    Add to that the incredible power of a computer network and widespread internet capabilities that allow people to work from anywhere, and you've got a wide world of opportunities just waiting to be snapped up. Whether you see the attraction in the world of information technology or want to launch a startup and are thinking about what discounts and coupons to offer potential customers, the sky's the limit these days. With all the new remote work and eLearning offerings that abound, you can get a bachelor's degree at a European university from the comfort of your United States-based home office, or a job as a Network Administrator in Miami-Dade County even though you live in Santa Barbara. Let's take a look at how to get started in a few industries from afar.

    If network security beckons, you can heed the call online.

    Plenty of young professionals are finding their work in the realm of computer science, and little wonder that this is so. According to the recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for a Network Administrator in the U.S. was $84,810 in 2020, and the field of network administration is continually adding jobs.

    The best way to find out about how to become a Network Administrator, join the ranks of IT professionals, and learn more about how to work with data communication systems is to look for online courses that get you both the soft skills and the hard skills you need to get to work. A quick Google search will get you plenty of resources, and you'll be raking in the money as an information technology pro soon enough.

    Travel blogging can be as easy as pie.

    Did you know that you can get paid to travel around and write about what places like the Zoo Miami have to offer? Yep, you can actually go to the Miami Seaquarium or visit the giraffes and jaguars at the Miami Zoo as your job. You may have to start out by writing on your own Medium or Wordpress blog, but there are also plenty of publications that are looking for travel bloggers to join their staff.

    At first, you'll be using Zoo Miami coupons, and you won't be able to bring along any additional guests on your escapades. Soon enough, though, you can put the coupons and promo codes away, since you'll be getting refunds from the publication you work for. As a travel blogger, you get anything you spend at checkout covered by the publication you work for. This is another job that's easy to get started with from just about anywhere.

    Get an online bachelor's degree or master's degree online.

    Graduates who worked on their bachelor's degree, master's degree, or associate's degree during the past year of the pandemic will tell you that eLearning is a completely workable way to get an education. Actually, online courses (or even a web-based internship) may be the best choice for those who want to get on their career path without spending oodles of money moving for school. You get to make the connections you would have at an in-person program, but online schooling is usually less expensive and comes with more flexibility. For those who want to start out on a new career path but are daunted by the prospect of further education, the latest technology when it comes to eLearning is a relief and a gift.

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