How to get out of a slump

    This is a small update to my original post on how to get out of a slump

    Sometimes life gets a bit tedious. Everything becomes monotonous, we are unmotivated and uninspired and we are not sure why we started in the first place. We end up in a slump and we forget our why and what the original goal of everything was. We end up getting things done for the sake of getting them done - but the original spark is gone. This is when we need a reset. A way to start fresh.

    I think slowing down is important, but from time to time I think you have to disconnect completely to come back feeling better. Make some changes to feel like you can start again and avoid being in the cycle of always feeling burnt out. These are some things I found that helped me "reset" and disconnect to reconnect.

    1. Visualise. One of the key things I find to 'resetting' my life is mindset. Sometimes it can be difficult to control negative thoughts and fight them. This is where visualisations come in because you don't necessarily have to convince yourself of anything. It can work no matter what place you are with your mental health. I like to visualise when doing something ordinary to change the meaning it can have. For example, something as simple as showering I use not just as a physical act but also to visualise mentally getting rid of everything you no longer need. Any stresses or worries. I also find picturing something like holding a helium balloon with all of the anxiety you may have and then picturing yourself letting those balloons go and watching them float away can be very helpful.

    2. Write down your thoughts and everything you have to get done. Writing is a way of letting things go or at least it has served that function for me for a while. It can help give you closure when you feel you can't get that closure from other people. As a way of processing what you feel so that you can restart. 

    3. Change up the space/ reorganise it. Every now and then I get bored with my space. I have found that it is worth freshening up a bedroom or anywhere you spend a lot of time in. It can give you that boost or sometimes change you need to spark your creativity. Changing the position of some decor items and bringing in a few new ones has really helped me. With this, you don't necessarily have to spend money. Now it is autumn in the UK, I added some of that colour to my room by picking up some pretty autumn leaves (I am in the process of drying some of them) and finding things that were already in my home and reminded me of autumn and putting them together. 


    4. Tidy - my revelation in the second lockdown was probably how much a room can impact how you feel. As much as sometimes keeping on top of tidying/ your general space can be difficult, having a non-cluttered room/ the visual of space actually helps a lot more with the feeling of stress and chaos than you would imagine. In a world, where it feels like you cannot control anything, you can control your space and how it makes you feel. Tidying/cleaning has sometimes worked as not just a physical way to reset but psychologically start fresh (visualising it like that also helps).

    5. Setting a regular time to get up and sticking to it (for the most part or at least getting up at similar times). When I felt most in a slump was when I was getting up at different times each day and generally very late all of the time. I have found the recent months difficult and sometimes struggled with finding motivation in the mornings. Having a regular time/ routine and slowly getting up a little earlier helped. I’m not a morning person so I haven't shifted to waking up at 5am, but more getting myself into a more regular routine. It’s not that I’m grumpy or unhappy most of the time in the morning, but rather I’m one of those people that spends the first half an hour to an hour half asleep so you won't catch me out of bed out of choice before 8am. I know that saying "get in a routine" to reset is easier said than done, but adding small things to look forward to like coffee helps.

    6. Wear something you like/ you associate with being productive and motivated. Since lockdown started, I have been in hoodies and leggings and generally loungewear a lot more. Being in loungewear is fine, but when you no longer have going out and the different clothes you would wear for that to break it up, loungewear can have you feeling lazy/ that everything is the same. The clothes you wear can have a huge impact on how you feel and having a change in clothes to break up your day I have found helps me feel productive and like there is more structure to my days. 

    7. Go out and enjoy fresh air. If you are like me, sometimes when in a slump and stressed, you'll find you end up at home. A literal change of space and breath of fresh air makes so much of a difference. It doesn't even require you to do anything actively other than get out of your home for a little while. 

    I know how hard getting yourself out of slump can be and that some of what I have mentioned can be easier said than done. It can become really easy for life to get monotonous when there are similar tasks we have to do every day. However, these are things I have found myself doing recently to reset and even starting with little things can make such a big difference. You don't have to transform your life from one day to another. 


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