Horrid online date stories: He told me to cut off the mole on my shoulder

Horrid online date stories: He told me to cut off the mole on my shoulder

    My Online Dating Horror Story 1

    Everyone say grab hold of your twenties, be bold. Explore. Date. Do outragerous things like dyeing your hair pink. Go to more extraordinary conventions. However, they don't talk about the setbacks to doing all of these things. Like your hair becoming dry as grass or you potentially risking your life in a foreign country. In this post I will be talking about my online dating horror story or should I say awkward story - but horror always sounds better right?

    It's 2018,  our groceries and shoes off the internet, why can’t we choose a partner? - IreviewUread

    So yes, I do approve of online dating for it's so convinent. Plus you get to do a background check to see if they are a serial killer or not? What's to lose about that? The most they spam you and you would have many people blocked on every single thing you're on but there's really nothing much to lose. Just don't give your address. That line between online and offline is near and once you step over the wrong line, it would be a wild ride.

    Anyways, back to online dating. As expected, I tried it our and I met a guy that hits it off with me online. We met up really quickly because he said something about "let's not waste time" I figured his eggs must be expiring so why not. 

    The date started off very catfishy for I only say 1 photo of him and it was a photo of him in a polariod behind someone. Thus, I'm  not very sure how he actually looked like. When he finally approached me I'm OK with his look overall and we went on the date. While we took the wrong bus to the wrong destination, we were intensely awkward for we covered the basic questions between us. Suddenly he saw the mole on my shoulder and blurted out "Cut it off". I'm sure he was saying it to lighten the mood but it's just such an odd thing to say. 

    As the date goes on the mood got more awkward....

    If you like this half of the story, read the rest of it on IreviewUread. Do comment if you want me to do more dating horror stories like this or should I go back to reviewing beauty and lifestyle products. Do comment about your dating horror stories as well.


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