How many followers do you have?

    It was the first question I received.
    Hey, what’s your name? Where are you from? What’s your blog called?
    No.. . how many followers do you have.

    It defines my value, my success rate, my popularity, my identity.
    A sad observation of how people are getting mixed up with numbers, taking over their (social) life.
    It’s makes me wonder what would happen if their Instagram with all its followers got deleted? Would that destroy their identity, their purpose of existence?

    Having followers, fans, hypers, readers, likers, commenters is a big, if not the biggest part of getting anywhere in the blogging (pardon me), influencing world. It might just be the pricetag that clings around me. My content, photography and branding identity counts, but not as much as the amount of zero’s.

    Yes, I do care about my follower rate and my like rate. I love what I’m doing, ofcourse I want more people to see, to generate awesome collaborations, meet wonderful artists and go to cool events. But when I put my phone away and become a real breathing person, I still want to exist in a normal world and feel good about what about I do.

    Having a lot followers can be achieved in such an easy way. You can Google and apply all the articles claiming you should use the correct tags, colors, upload time etc. etc. But really just buy them!
    For 10 dollar you’ll have 1000 followers, for a little bit more 10.000, isn’t that what certain television programs scream? The sad truth of this, is that it’s actually happening.
    Girls with 30.000 and 40.000 followers with 300 likes per picture, probably forgot to buy the likes too.
    I feel no urge of walking the same road. Guess it’s like cheating on your entrance exam. You might make it, but it comes with a shitty feeling.

    Due to the followers-battle I’m afraid people might forget the real important factors of maintaining a blog. Creating loyalty and honesty, creating your own trademark, creating a solid likeable blog and most important: to interact with the people that have put you on a pedestal in the first place.
    It’s easy to lose focus of your own identity and start judging your pictures by their popularity rather than your own liking. You might see successful blogs and can’t resist to use their success formula and change your own account into a copy of theirs.
    I guess the only thing you can do is breath in and breath out, close your laptop and phone and listen to the real world.

    • Julia M Julia M : Wow, your post is something no one says about, but what is actually happening in a blogging word. Keep going and being yourself and you'll see thousands of new followers!:)
      7 years ago 
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