How To Always Look And Feel Your Best Even When You're In A Bad Mood

How To Always Look And Feel Your Best Even When You're In A Bad Mood

    We all get in bad moods; even if we don't want to! A bad day doesn't come with a warning; neither with a user manual that says, "how to turn your bad days around and instantly feel your best!" 

    "It" is one of those days, where nothing seems to work, and nothing seems pretty and beautiful- not even you and your effort to look the best that day! You try very hard to come out of your bad-mood bubble, but it doesn't get easy, and you mind keeps dwelling on it! You even try to wear something pretty, and try putting some makeup on, and or try doing some hairstyles, to instantly start feeling beautiful and stylish again; but nothing seems to work!


    So what do you do?

     You either go around your day in a foul mood and venting your frustration out on somebody else, or you try to bypass your emotional response, and don't identify and acknowledge your negative feelings, and what triggered a bad mood in the first place? It is very important to sit with your negative emotions when they show up! It is extremely important to go to the roots and to try and understand by admitting the reason[s] that made your usual good day bad, or very bad!

    It is definitely not easy to always find reasons to stay in style, I agree; especially when you're not feeling yourself, or feeling low! Looking good and stylish, on these days may seem challenging. But do not give-up! But only during these unusual time of  your day when you are feeling under the weather, you must put efforts to look your best. Especially when we want our days to be happy, fulfilling, fashionable, productive, and meaningful; but a no-good, terrible, very bad day has turned down all your plans, and you're cooped up in your grumpy temperament; then just remind yourself -it will be all worth at the end if you can push yourself through this discomfort.

    You don't always need a reason to do everything in your life. You simply do it sometimes, because it brings you joy and happiness. That makes you- "you." That makes you happy! And I believe sticking to your style regime is one of the ways to uplift yourself. 

    When I take care of my personal appearance and style everyday; I feel a sense of confidence. I feel important and I start feeling better about myself again- even after having a bad or rough day! 

    Sticking to my personal style and care routine in any kind of situation reminds me that, "I must be gentle with myself. I must be real. I must listen to my emotional needs, and must take time to listen to my inner voice! The key is to feel positive and to be more kind to yourself. And there's no better way to feel positive and good about yourself than by giving yourself a little TLC. Everyone needs a little self-care and self-love to get through their days with ease and smiles.

    Below are few of my personal ways I try to look and feel my best when I am hit by a bad day. I hope they cheer you up!

    Creating a unique personal style for yourself. This not only boosts your confidence; but also honors your personal beauty and look-that is meant for you, for your skin, and body!

    Create a personal look that can motivate you and others to be you- without waiting for advice and approvals. Follow trends, if you like following up-to-date-fashion; but do not be one among them, who do not feel confident and true about their own style! If you have different likes and tastes (in the way you want to look and dress-up), as mine; then go for it and create a signature style for yourself. A look that is meant to impress you first, will definitely attract others too!

    'Dress yourself' in pretty outfits. This can create confidence in you! You instantly start feeling attractive and a little better to deal with the problem[s] like a boss; because you . remind yourself to take charge of your almost spoiled day, and the mental chaos.

    Believe in your beauty, body, and personal style. The key to staying in fashion is finding one for yourself-everyday! So from today feel good about who you are as a person and start experiencing confidence in personal style.

    If you don't want; don't follow the crowd! Create something new and exciting for yourself- in fashion and style. STAY YOU. STAY BEAUTIFUL!

    Let go of people and things who are not positive influences in your life. Learn to value yourself, as much as you value others! If you're not being treated and respected the way you should be, just release those relationships, and attachments. Make room for people, and events where you're celebrated, accepted, and valued. 

    Learn and write it down. Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, think about the lessons you got to learn from the situation, and how you can deal with something similar in  your future! Rather than thinking and feeling mad about the situation that was beyond your control, reflect on the situations that you can control, and make it better to save your day! Therefore do, wear, dance, laugh, go out for a walk, draw, sketch, vide shoot, photoshoot, do anything that makes you happy and you!

    Just get ready and go out. Sometimes one of the simple ways to clear the  clutter and all toxic thoughts from your mind is by- getting dressed in your favorite outfit or by wearing your favorite colors, and simply stepping out of the house! If you don't drive; go for a walk, or a quick run, but don't come back until you throw away all the negative bad feelings that's blocking your mind. Let your mind fly free and you create space for more positive and happy energy within you.

    Focus more on your yourself, on your emotional health. Reinvest the energy you used to spend thinking about others; like how they made you feel etc. on yourself! Life is too too short to dwell on any kind of negative and unhappy moments that steal your joy and peace of mind. I've learnt this lesson by anchoring my mind to focus on the positive things around me."

    When things don't go in our favor; it is not that we are at fault, or somebody else is picking on us every time! Things might look like that; but sometimes things are not-meant-to-be and that's the most accepting mantra I've learned in my life- by being a 'positive person.' It feels easy to play the blame game, but it takes real courage to be responsible, thoughtful, and to not repeat what somebody else did to you!


    Whether you want to cling to the pain or decide to let go, whether you avoid such terrible feelings or sit with your negative feelings to understand them- is completely your choice. So always make a choice that's best for you! You can make yourself feel your best, and can also look your best, if you understand that, "you're in complete control of your feelings." And by accepting and reminding yourself that, it's okay to feel mad, frustrated, and angry sometimes! But you're not going to feel bad or mad forever! It will change as soon as I'm ready to ________." Fill this space!

    Main Image Credit- Photo by Rebe Pascual on Unsplash 

    • Silvia C Silvia C :

      I very much agree with your post, Epsita! And especially from a style and personal appearance care pov, I can also say that it goes much further than skin deep. Taking care of how we look is also a way of taking care of how we feel, and it can absolutely impact our mood in a positive way.

      1 year ago 
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