How to AVOID Shopping Scams

    Maybe you've seen an amazing ad on Instagram, and have been super tempted to just buy that perfect dress right away. But did you know that during the pandemic alone, shoppers lost about $50M to shopping scams?

    So before you hit that next purchase button, make sure you use this full checklist of shopping red flags so you can always buy from reputable brands. In this post, we'll highlight a few of the top things to watch out for:

    1. Your browser warns you the connection is not secure

    2. The website URL is incorrect, a copycat of the real brand's website

    3. There are spelling and grammar mistakes across the site

    4. The contact information is fake or insufficient – try contacting them before buying

    5. Shipping and return policies are horrible.

    6. The photos look photoshopped.

    7. Lastly, make sure you always read reviews from reputable websites, not just from the business itself. Other experienced shoppers will give you important advice.

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