4 Helpful Ways To Live A Perfect Day In Your Life

4 Helpful Ways To Live A Perfect Day In Your Life

    "Life is a natural process. But living requires effort."   And to know if you are living your best perfect life, you must know if the effort is coming naturally or you are trying hard- every single day!  

    To make your day look perfect; all you need to do is just take your day slowly. Try not to rush doing everything perfectly, as the word "perfection" is overrated! Accept the day as it unfolds- good or bad. But at the same time keep your purpose in mind and try to manage your tasks. Divide and distribute your time productively but mindfully. 

    How do you live a perfect day in your life?

    A mindful navigation through your day will remind you to not hustle and to live one day at a time.

    No matter how you started your day, you can always end it better! A little tweak here and there, a little adjustment, a little sacrifice, a little compromise can all add up to help us end our days in a peaceful way.

    "Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."    -Steve Jobs

    Ever since I became aware of my interest and strengths; and pursued my passion, I've been living every day my best life; filled with satisfaction, peace, joy, and my life feels complete these days. I learned to make the most of my day. 

    Every task that you are able to do mindfully, and you put your heart and time into it- is special, is important, and is equally useful in adding meaning to your life. It's a great feeling; when you find a passion- and when that passion becomes your purpose of life. You'll learn to live more (happily) each day. So will you try to find that 'reason' from today?

    Every day is a new beginning." Don't put your life on autopilot. And don't be very serious either.  Find things that can take away your attention from every big or small problems in your life. Let your mind know that life may not be easy every day; but certainly there are many things you can try doing and keep yourself engaged, that will help you take away your worries.

    These are my few useful reminders to make the best use of my day. I hope you find them helpful!

    1. There's always tomorrow

    If you did not live your day well, remember there is always tomorrow! Just remember to breathe in between and stay curious to know what your day brings to you! I'm often intrigued to learn what best opportunities a day in my life can bring to me. Sometimes the anticipation can be intimidating as well! But I've practiced over last few years to stay positive and optimistic in every situation! If the day doesn't go as per my expectations [as is the human nature to expect :)] I tell myself, "I still have tomorrow to work on my day to make it the "best".

    2. I lead my day and not my circumstances

    Don't let your circumstances define your day or your life! We can always control our choices and reactions. It is extremely important to understand that we should not let our circumstances define us. There's always hope. We can still create the "light" and can come out of the rabbit hole; if we know the 'purpose' that defines our existence. Learn to repurpose your day by leading it to a "creative" side. I call it "creative living".

    3. There's always something to appreciate in a day

    Gratitude can help us look at our days in a more meaningful way! Rather than just thinking about doing something or the other, we can simply enjoy and relax, and be thankful for seeing another day in our life! 

    4. Make someone's day 

    If my day doesn't turn out to be perfect, I can always make someone else's day special; either by extending a helping hand, by leaving a good comment, by doing random kind things, or by simply sharing my smile! We can never go back and change our day that just didn't go well; but we can always make ourselves feel better by volunteering to make someone's day a little brighter. This way we create more positive energy around us and in our life- which in turn can make our bad day feel better.  

     To live your best day and to make it seem perfect, commit to adjustments and  just be flexible.

    It may seem that life is fair to everyone; but that's not true. When you find it hard to live a happy normal life every day, try going out. See people around you. You'll see the struggles people go through to make their life-best; or to make their dreams come true. There are so many inspirations around us- feel them, lock them, and include them in your life. See if they can make a difference in your attitude towards life!   Creating a perfect day in our life is after all not that hard! Isnt't it?  

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