This weekend I’ve planned something really cool. I’m attending an event hosted by The Goaldiggers Club. This Club is founded by Eve Tomaszewski and is a platform where ambitious women can share their knowledge, their fears, their successes and so much more. It’s a community of businesswomen who support each other. It’s all about how to grow your own business and how to inspire others. I’m not a club member (yet), but I’m attending a cool event they’re hosting this Sunday in Amsterdam. 


    Brand awareness is really important if you want to grow your business. You got to get out there! That’s what this event is all about: personal branding. How to grow your business, how to stand out in the branch you’re operating in. But also how to grow your self confidence and how to have more faith in your brand and your own skills. I can’t wait to hear and learn more about it!


    There are four women who will be speaking at the event. Laura Smit, Brand Marketeer, Brand Coach and founder of brand agency The Brand Folk. She will be talking about finding your own (business) story and how to create a strong and unique brand. Joni Bas is the founder of Great Communications. During this event she is going to teach us everything about how to communicate in a better and stronger way. It can be really scary to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s a good way to challenge yourself. As a business owner it’s very important to have a clear vision. But telling someone about your brand and getting them excited about it, can be really difficult. Joni is going to tell us all about it. Iep Bergsma is a photographer and author of Picture Perfect.  She’s going to tell us everything we need to know about a good picture and how to tell your story through the lens. And last but not least is Anouk van Vliet, founder of The Social Brand. She will be sharing the best tools to create a strong content strategy. And of course Eve herself will be there to welcome us and to join us that day. How exciting!


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