Karma is not a bitch, it's reasonable.

    For some reason karma always shows up to those who’ve been hurtful, it also punished me when I did something painful.
    It could be entirely coincidental, or perhaps I’m connecting good behavior with good experiences and vice versa. Even though it’s arguable, I think karma is something magical and if you believe in the saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” it results in karma favoring you eventually.
    Still I meet plenty of people who might recall the words, but forgot its application and this always leads to a dose of their own medicine.

    The bullies.
    I’ve had my fair share of bullies. Most of this unnecessary hassle happened in elementary school, although secondary school also contained some rotten apples. A while ago I wondered what happened to all of them. I’ve already heard some “karma payback” stories and their online lives also didn’t seem forgivable and sweet to them. Some of them remained in their evil form, trying to bully anyone that gives them a wrong look. I guess some people never change, no matter what karma does. It’s too bad, what if they never did such horrible acts. Perhaps their victims could have been real good friends.

    The boyfriends.
    I’m no saint, I’ve hurt people in my life; actions that I would change if I could do it all over again.
    I’ve had a boyfriend that I dumped pretty hard and without explaining all the details, the breakup couldn’t have ended in a gentle way. My actions afterwards are the ones that I’m not proud of and I’ve responded very cold and distant towards this person. And while he was suffering I met somebody else within two weeks! Needless to say, this is very painful. Karma saw my actions too and within one year, tables turned and my crush treated me the same way as I did my ex-boyfriend. The horrible coldness and indifference of somebody you’d really loved. I was devastated for a while, now I understand that my actions really have consequences.

    The holiday.
    Envy, jealousy and anger can take the worst out of the best people. But that doesn’t mean one should give these negative feelings a stage. Recently, I wasn’t allowed to go on a trip with a bunch of people. Some of them (not friends and some without even knowing me) demanded I should stay home. Feelings of abandonment, impotence and sadness took a hold of me. Guess bullying come in all ages. However, this didn’t stop me from creating my own trip with real good friends. We rented an awesome apartment close to where this group was staying. I saw them most of the evenings. Besides this, we did a lot of sightseeing and stayed in a wonderful house which even had a sauna. I’ve never paid much attention to karma, but the trip made this principle very clear.
    Their car broke down, the weather was shit all week while they were camping in tents, the behavior of the bullies affected others of the group and well.. their holiday wasn’t that cheerful. They even had to knock on our door for some electricity. This could be considered coincidental; no one has power over the weather and cars break down. But a little voice in my head was saying: well… they got what they deserved.

    Karma may or may not exist, but I believe that your deeds have consequences. If you treat others the way you want to be treated, this mostly results into something positive. But if you spit venom, you probably get some venom back. Some people say I got a rough start in life from bullies and backstabbers. Their actions sometimes made me show the same type of horrible behavior. Now I’m learning to forgive and trying to understand their underlying motivation for hurting somebody else.
    If you understand this, negative influences can’t hurt you as much. Besides… you don’t have to do anything… karma always shows up eventually.

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