With the first few days of March already over, it is time to review the things I loved throughout the month of February! It was a crazy busy month with a lot of change. Let’s hope March calms down a little bit and I find my groove again! ?

    Lately, I have been loving…

    TO WEAR…

    LEGGINGS! This was the month of athleisure for me. To be honest, I really do not follow fashion trends much, but am glad I fit into one! I was only in the office for a few days this month and spent the rest of the time working from home, traveling, or getting accustomed to Germany again, so leggings were my go to pant choice. Leggings from Old Navy, Lululemon, Nike, Adidas and even Sam’s Club make up my collection of go-to comfy pants!


    By doing the 21 Day Fix and walking! I will admit, exercise was not a priority at the beginning of the month as I prepared to leave Michigan, but it has been at the core of my routine since I got back to Germany. Since getting my Fitbit for Christmas I have become so much more aware of my activity levels. It is crazy how much more active I am here in Germany! My dog needs to go out for regular walks, but we also do a family walk on the weekend if the weather is nice. I also do not have my own car here so getting from point A to point B usually involves a lot of walking too! I recently became a Beachbody coach, read why here, and have been LOVING the 21 Day Fix for a quick sweat sesh!

    TO USE…

    My camera, a Nikon D5300. I always dreamt of having a nice camera when I had a family and wanted to document their lives, but when I chose to start this blog I knew I wanted to offer quality from the get-go. So, a gift to myself for Christmas was my camera and I LOVE it. I really do not know much about how to use it and cheat often by seeing what auto mode suggests my settings be, but I always switch back to manual mode! The quality of my amateur images is stunning and I already have captured a lot of heart-warming moments. It definitely cost an arm and a leg, but the memories it helps me keep are priceless.

    TO READ…

    #Girlboss by Sofia Amoruso! I had this book on my reading list for a little while and picked it up throughout my travels. In a lovely rags to riches story, Sofia proves that there are alternative paths to success than just the conventional college and corporate world. If you read my life update, you will know that the alternative path is more mine anyways, especially regarding college. The core lesson for me was, “anything is possible if you put your heart to it”. Sofia showcased how she and numerous other amazing women did just that. I found this book to be more of an autobiography, but still enjoyed learning about such a great #girlboss!


    The way everything works out. I have really tried to better my attitude and mindset and seeing it payoff is mindblowing. The opportunities and experiences I am stumbling over and the way problematic situations are resolved, have me feeling unbelievably blessed. At 21, I never thought I would be changing schools, majors, cultures, and in a phenomenal relationship. The idea of entrepreneurship or having a platform where people choose to follow me never seemed realistic to me. I am so grateful and so excited to see what the future has in store. I now know that everything will work out in due time. God truly has a plan.

    February, we got through it all together. Let’s see what March has to offer.

    With love,

    Lena Marie


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