Let me introduce myself!

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Charlotte and I'm the content creator for Take a Paws! 

    I've just joined this wonderful community and I want to take some time to introduce myself before I share my first content post. 

    Take a Paws is a self-care, food and lifestyle blog which also features my pup, Clover. (Hence the play on words!) I'm a Psychology graduate with a keen interest in Mental Health and Well-being and I hope to train Clover to be a therapy dog in the future. I also write specifically about disordered eating and our relationships with food and our body. 

    On the blog, you can find helpful tips on looking after your mental health and well-being, as well as recipes, travel and lifestyle content. I've also started filming videos and a new video is uploaded to IGTV on Mondays and YouTube on Wednesdays! It's going well so far!

    I'd love to start connecting with new people on here so please say hi and introduce yourself if you've found this post!

    Always remember to take a paws,

    Charlotte x

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