Listen, It’s not your job to be everything to everyone.

Listen, It’s not your job to be everything to everyone.

    Evening all I’ve not late night blogged for a while but it’s Sunday evening and

    I’m filled with anxiety again.

    There’s days where I need to have a moment to myself just to put my head straight.

    It’s extremely difficult to be one hundred percent who you are these days.

    I find that people are very judgmental and quick to jump to conclusions.

    Without the facts.

    I have to say that sometimes humans don’t have an alternative motif for just simply being helpful or truthful.

    Sometimes it’s just in their nature to be honest without fear and to want to work hard to make a difference.

    I truly believe that the current situation I find myself in is exactly where I need to be, you find yourself in certain situations in life where there is either lessons to be learnt or truth to be given in order for change to take place.

    Somethings been stagnant for to long stubborn for change then….

    You smack bang in the middle of a situation you either need to learn from or make a difference.

    One thing I’ve realised is when you see through people your not very well liked that’s a know fact.

    When your real and disconnect from the drama that’s when you become the drama and in no way shape or form have I got time for drama.

    I’m literally at that stage where I still feel anxious and some days I’m not as strong.

    But honestly ly your put on this earth to yes be thoughtful of others but to also be thoughtful of yourself.

    I can’t stress enough to people if your struggling to juggle life and struggling with the people around you.

    Distance is sometimes the best key you can never pour from an empty cup.

    You can make sure your vessel is fine but if the minds off balance the the two don’t work in harmony.

    Don’t put to much pressure on yourself to be the perfect parent, sibling, partner, friend or work colleague.

    You need to nurture your own soul before you give to others.

    When people try and drag you into Drama don’t fall for it, if it’s not your issue then leave it, some people don’t like the truth and can be 

    But don’t fall for it you can’t fix everything or everyone so don’t try to.

    Just be honest to yourself and honest with others and if your respected for it great if not there’s no love lost.

    Good night everyone

    Love to you all

    Stacie xxx

    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      I love what you said about being exactly where you need to be, especially about being there to learn a lesson- when I am in a situation I'm having trouble with, I try to think about what I can learn from the experience and use it to grow. 

      1 year ago 
    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      I can so much relate to this post! It is very important to understand that not everyone has to like us, and vice versa. People pleasing can erode our happiness,identity, and integrity from us. I'm happy to know that I cannot make everyone happy and pleased, so I better take care of my emotional needs before I tend to others.

      1 year ago 
    • Stacie L Stacie L :

      Reply to Caroline b 

      The universe puts us the exact position we are meant to be in at that point in our lives I really think you would enjoy my weekly Guidance Blog ❤️ 

      1 year ago 
    • Bridgette  G Bridgette G :

      this was such meaningful read! i love hearing what you had to say, thanks for sharing

      1 year ago 
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