Maybe, This Time, Popular Opinion is Right.

    I’ve never been one for fads. I know full well that they pass and I have very little interest in being a follower. Especially when the fad goes against my very being. Like gaucho pants… I haven’t a clue who thought those were a good idea, but the thought of them still haunt me to this day. They just go to show that popular opinion is NOT always correct.

    One trend that I tend to see many folks follow religiously is that of literature and best-sellers. When there’s a publicly accepted “good” book out, you can bet someone you know has read it, and so has someone they know, and so has ten other people that they know. And not only do I find most trends annoying, but I also find reading pretty un-enjoyable, too - making book trends a double-whammy of unpleasantness for me.  So, if at this point, you’re guessing I probably wasn’t the first person, or second, or third, to reach Rachel Hollis’ hit self-help book that hit the shelves this year, you’d be correct.

    Read all about it on my blog Espresso Myself here.

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