When my alarm wakes me brutally early to get my day going, the one thing I look forward to is my skincare routine. And this routine is something I am not willing to sacrifice no matter how early it is, how tired I am or how little time I have.

I started using legitimate skincare quite early, I believe I was 13, and my mom is the one who taught me about it and made sure I integrated it into my morning and night routines. It all started with the classic 3-step skincare routine from Clinique and to be honest, I have not really strayed far from the brand since!

As a teen, I had your typical “thanks to puberty” acne and made it worse because I was a popper and a picker (sorry, TMI haha). Light makeup is what got me through it. By the time I was 18 or 19 my acne changed. Instead of being texture issues, I had invisible, terribly painful bumps under my skin. Sometimes so sensitive that I could feel pain when I smiled. At age 20 I had my first facial after a stressful exam week, that visibly had stressed out my skin. This is when I learned that I did not have combination, but very dry skin. So dry, that it caused those painful, yet invisible pimples out of stress! I changed my skincare, made sure to sweat more and since then I have been perfecting my routine!

Recently, I have found a routine that seems to really work for me and brought me back to trusty old Clinique. My skin is by no means perfect, I still get the occasional breakout and have some discoloration from past acne scars, but it’s nothing that I cannot manage with the use of a little makeup and the proper products.

  • Julia M Julia M : Lena, it's honestly really good! Already have my Clinique shopping bag full with products on 150 euros haha! Thank you for sharing <3
    7 years ago 
  • Lena P Lena P : Thank you Julia! :) I have never written something like this and really enjoyed it! And I really love these products!!!
    7 years ago 
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