As a little girl people with tattoos scared me. It seemed as if only big, burly, motorcycle riding men had them and those kinds of men scared little Lena! I immediately associated tattoos with fear and these hardcore men, completely falling into the pit of the stereotype. Thankfully, I grew up and learned that absolutely anyone can have a tattoo, that they don’t always have to be big, that they can be true works of art, and that I actually liked some tattoos myself!

To preface this post, I do feel the need to make a few things clear as this can be a controversial topic. Tattoos are personal. We each have our own body. We get to choose what to do with that body! Also, some might say that my tattoos are not “real”, meaning that they are small, dainty little things, not big tribal designs or crazy intricate works of art. A tattoo is a tattoo. While I cannot tell you what it feels like to sit in a studio and be tattooed for hours, I can tell you that whatever you do, this is permanent. So take into consideration the tips I will be offering below when considering getting one – no matter how big, how little, how simple, or how intricate!

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