Never Wait. Create Opportunities and Keep It Moving.

Never Wait. Create Opportunities and Keep It Moving.

    In the minds of those who don't live my life, they'll never understand my life. What they know is I work 5 days a week at barbershop. But in reality everyday I am doing a lot more than they think or know. I am branching out to create my brand Beauty Biché all the while introducing and marketing the European brand Scratch of Sweden here in the United States.

    While cutting and styling hair is what pays the bills currently, networking, blogging and creating content on social media channels is what will secure my professional (and specifically financial) future. Grateful for every opportunity I have created, not been given, I am looking forward to my professional future.

    Just 8 years ago I was sitting on an airplane and I thought to myself, "What is next?" Better yet, what was in front of me that I didn't capitalize on yet? Makeup. Social Media. Design. I lived to be creativity. I lived to criticize. But what I loved even more was to back up my criticism with facts and a how to "do it yourself" method that looked a professional had been hired. Remembering that I knew it was only a matter of time until I would stumbled upon my career(s). Now in 2015, I am finally on the right path. I am a beauty enthusiast, social media marketer, and brand developer. A long title right.

    Remembering all I had learned as a cosmetology / barber and University of Wisconsin student, and the experience I had gained as an intern at Sandstorm Design and Armour Beauty I knew I could share beneficial information and in return become a go to professional as well. Using the knowledge that I had gained is what has helped me in the past 8 years increase sales, clients, followers, friends, and build connections. All of which has benefited me tremendously. Point and examples.
    - Increased client count, retention rate and referrals at Floyds 99 due to product knowledgement and one-one-one engagement so every clients' needs and wants are addressed
    -Backing every personal cosmetic purchase with DIY methods and what to expect on my blog (BeautyBiche.blogspot.com).
    -Being passionate about a brand that I was dying to try, I created my position with Scratch of Sweden (with approval from the CEO).
    -Developing creative content, cropping, editing, modifying and researching all content before posting has allowed my Beauty Biché brand of followers increase on Instagram.

    These are all opportunities that I have created because no one was looking for me and my background and I was tired of waiting. Anxious to share my passion for helping others in all forms of beauty DIY, I stop waiting and starting building upon what I loved.

    While at my full time job people see a girl constantly blabbing about beauty and given clients (sometimes co-workers) beauty therapeutic sessions. They'll never understand me. They'll never understand that I am a 32 year old woman actively capitalizing on what I know best. Beauty and Social Media. Never wait, create opportunities and keep it moving.

    Image Credit: Dreamstime.com

    Article was originally posted on LinkedIn, March 18, 2015.

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