One of My Highschool Bullies Apologized To Me...

One of My Highschool Bullies Apologized To Me...

    Say "I" if you have been bullied or made fun of repeatedly in ANY way. It sucks.. and so many of our younger generation are being brutally affected by the torture of bullying and just people not being kind.
     I used to think people who have it within themselves to bring their peers down have no heart.. until one of my high school bullies apologized to me...

      We are talking about 9th grade/ 10th grade, in the classroom hearing two or three of my classmates looking at me and making jokes about me. It was an everyday thing.. and they didn't really try to hide it. They really made it known that they thought something about me was hilarious. Let's just say I dreaded coming to my English class even though English was one of my favorite subjects. I couldn't enjoy the class, and worse of all my teacher never tried to take notice of the bullying that was happening.
     Fast forward to the present. We are close to ending 2019 ( Oct 18th)  and I receive a long message on my Instagram DM. We will call the girl ( A)..
     "Hey Nicole! October is bullying prevention month and I just wanted to text you because I was reminded last night of your incredible kindness and Grace and love for someone like me who was a bully to you. Someone like me, who was way too fucking insecure about myself so I chose to hurt others with words and you have no idea how blown away I was that you accepted my apology all those years back and chose kindness towards me rather than anger. You are amazing. I am so happy that God placed you on the planet.  It wasn't just a learning experience for me but also a life lesson for me to see how filled with love someone can be to accept me regardless of my HORRIBLE actions"
     I was kind of in shock when I received this message because as you may have read.. this girl had given me a small apology years back in high school, I invited her to my 16th birthday party and we actually became close in college. So as you can imagine in my mind all was already forgiven and forgotten. 
     I think this whole message ( there was definitely more that she sent.. ) was not only touching to read but was impactful. I wanted to share this with you all because there is a few profound things I have learned.. 
     1. Actions speak louder than words
     - Someone is going to pay more attention by how you respond and act towards them then what you say. 
     2. People's hearts can change.. Give it to God
     - They really can. But it is not your responsibility to change hearts, give people the time to evolve in their appropriate speed.
     3. This may sound cliché but "bullies" have insecurities just like us. 
     - I know what your thinking.. " But they seem so confident". It is because they are pushing their insecurities on YOU. Which makes them feel better about them selves. It is not fair, I know. But catch this.. There is always something a bully sees in you that they do not have. So put your head up and realize how gifted you are. 
     4. Don't expect an apology from everyone, but when you get those sincere ones, it doesn't hurt to forgive and move forward. 

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