Philatelic Store @ General Post Office

Philatelic Store @ General Post Office

    In this IreviewUread post, I touched on the Philatelic Store @ GPO Festive Collection Launch?

    Located at SingPost Centre, the Philatelic Store retails loads of things. Such as local and foreign stamps, Philatelic gifts and so much more ?

    At the back of the store you could even see the old General Post Office that was at Fullerton. It's a blast to the past! ?

    ? One of my favourite gift giving product is this miniature plastic post box. It features different generations of post boxes in Singapore.

    ‚úČ Psst. Mail drop into the first generation colonial-era red pillar box at the store will get a special date stamp in red ink.

    ?There's so much more I want to say so head over to IreviewUread and check out my experience and all the beautiful stamps and gifts (and even a little history lesson).




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