Should I Buy It? How To Determine a Product’s Worth

    Consumers often think that the higher the price of a product, the better the quality. While there are situations where this is true, this pricing strategy is a marketing tactic to increase sales. More often than not, you will have a better product experience when you pay the cheaper-price instead of the higher-price competitor. But there are some instances where paying a little more upfront helps you save money in the long run.


    It's worth paying more for clothing items made for durability. That doesn't mean you need to splurge on a designer T-shirt and $100 denim jeans. Well-constructed garments such as pants, shirts, and jackets have a longer shelf life. Clothing made with higher-quality material is easier to care for and endures more laundering than cheaper clothing.

    Men's ties are a staple clothing item that's worn daily. Purchasing a new tie can be expensive, especially if made with silk or playful patterns. A great way to find high-quality designer ties, dress shirts, and accessories is to shop overstock online. Tie Deals offers discounts on designer ties, bespoke dress shirts, and sartorial accessories from high-end Italian brands.

    You can find online exclusive offers on popular brands including Cesare Attolini, Luigi Borrelli, Canali, Kiton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Tom Ford, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo. The site carries new and past-season mens designer tie options, classic bow tie options, pocket squares, and knitwear collections. Best of all, you can take advantage of free returns and refunds if you aren't fully satisfied.

    Food and Beverages

    Paying high prices for food and beverages doesn't mean you're paying for quality. Healthier food options tend to be higher priced than non-healthy options. The key to determining the value of food and beverages is to consider the impact on your health. Purchasing fresh organic fruits rather than canned fruits in syrup not only tastes better, but you'll eat more nutrients and less added preservatives that are bad for your health. Paying for certain quality foods is an investment in your long-term health.


    The cost of fine jewelry varies by the quality of materials and craftsmanship, as well as the brand name. Fine watches are notoriously expensive, but unless you have the cash flow to splurge on a multi-thousand dollar watch, you can find a reasonably priced alternative. Many consumers who purchase fine jewelry featuring gold or gemstones are conscious of the ethics and practices behind acquiring these materials.

    Alamos Gold is a Canadian-based intermediate gold producer with three operating mines in North America. They operate the Young-Davidson and Island Gold mines in Northern Ontario, the Mulatos mine in Sonora, and developing projects in Turkey and the United States. Since 2013, Alamos Gold has published an annual sustainability report providing transparency on its commitment to social responsibility and delivering excellence in sustainability.


    Investing a little extra money in high-quality home appliances is a good idea that will save you money in the long run. You should always take a look at the details of how much energy an appliance uses annually and the average cost of energy. Spending extra on items that are known to have a longer shelf life makes financial sense. LED lightbulbs outlast traditional incandescent or CFL bulbs by years. Instead of replacing multiple incandescent bulbs throughout the year, or CFLs every two years, it's better to purchase LED bulbs that last at least five years.

    Cleaning Products

    The price of cleaning products depends on the brand and ingredients. Don't be fooled by pricey natural products with attractive packaging. These products are often based on vinegar and feature oils and fragrances to cover up the vinegar scent. Rather than pay for pricey cleaners, it's a better idea to invest in a gallon jug of vinegar for a few dollars. You should spend a little extra to purchase quality cleaning tools, such as a higher-end vacuum and absorbent dishcloths and towels.

    The best way to determine if you should buy something is to consider its use and shelf life.

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