Social Security Disability Lawyers in Rhode Island

    The process of qualifying, applying for, and obtaining SSDI in the United States is notoriously bureaucratic, confusing, and a source of major frustration for the millions of Americans with disabilities who struggle to access the benefits that they're entitled to. In some cases, individuals have to go as far as hiring a lawyer to represent them and act on their behalf to ensure that they receive their benefits.

    Many SSDI applicants don't know what their options are after having their application for SSDI rejected. If you're in Rhode Island and having an issue with your social security disability claim, keep reading to learn more about where you can find a lawyer and how they can help.

    Where can you find a social security disability lawyer in Rhode Island?

    If your SSDI claim has been rejected in the state of Rhode Island, you shouldn't give up on receiving your benefits. You have the right to appeal your case, and you can improve your chances of success by working with a lawyer with SSDI experience. Most initial applications for SSDI benefits are rejected, and many people give up there. Anyone considering giving up should at least have a free consultation. Make a decision about the next steps once you have all the information available to you.

    When starting the search for social security disability lawyers in Rhode Island, it's essential that you choose a law firm that specializes in handling these types of claims. Years of experience are a must-have when dealing with cases where the verdict can be decided on the smallest of technicalities and even the slightest misstep could have you starting the process all over again. One recommendation you're likely to hear often is to see the team at Marasco & Nesselbush LLP, which has a reputation for consistently delivering for their clients.

    Why should you call a lawyer for help with SSDI?

    The reality is that the entire process of applying for government benefits is mired in bureaucracy and it can be impossible for a layperson to put together an application that is likely to be approved on their own. The majority of claims are denied initially, often for technical reasons that have nothing to do with whether the applicant is or isn't qualified. Many people don't know they can reapply or don't bother to. Some people have even died waiting for their social security disability hearing.

    There are a lot of steps involved in applying for SSDI, including obtaining a variety of documents from various hospitals and medical providers and completing a lengthy application. A lawyer can work with your medical provider directly to collect medical and legal evidence to support your claim. They will then help you present that information in a compelling way when you make your claim.

    In some cases, approval of SSDI benefits can be expedited. A lawyer can review the facts of your case and determine whether or not you may be eligible for the expedited process. Some reasons that applications are expedited include dire need (lack of access to food, shelter, and medical care), public safety (applicant is a danger to themself or others), terminal illness, military status, as well as having a compassionate allowance for conditions that are so severe that they require immediate access to benefits and care.

    The process by which people in the United States apply for benefits like SSDI involves a process that can be incredibly complex for those without experience dealing with SSDI. Since the vast majority of initial applications are rejected and an appeal can be onerous and extensive, you may want to look into hiring a lawyer to help. A lawyer who has spent years learning the ins and outs of the system can show you how to improve your application or navigate the appeals process. Anyone living in Rhode Island dealing with an SSDI application or denial will have a much better chance of getting the benefits you deserve with the help of a social security disability lawyer.

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