Solitude At Last!

    As a woman, we wear many hats. We are daughter, sister, friend, mom, coach, teacher, wife and many other things. Sometimes we just want to get away...right. It took me along time to get to a point where I can go a whole day without having my name called. I have almost grown children, a husband, a best friend and I am always in demand. I like to imagine that I am on vacation every weekend...some of my favorite places like Clearwater and Daytona Beach!

    Sometimes I feel like I am in flight on the way somewhere and just landed...

    and staying in a hotel.

    I decided to start taking Fridays and Saturdays off just for me now that I am retired...its great...especially in Florida?

    We all need a break and I finally created it. Click below to see how I did it!! 

    She Cave...Finally!!

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