Spring Nail Ideas | Manicure Ideas to Try This Season

Spring Nail Ideas | Manicure Ideas to Try This Season

    For years, the trend has been to keep manicures simple, but now bright colors and funky prints are in. I personally like to keep it on the more neutral side with nails because it's easier to match with any outfit. Lately, I have had three colors on rotation, and all of them from Expressie. Want my review on the quick-drying nail polish? Read it here 

    Because I’m partial to neutral nails the neutral pinks, browns are at the top of my list. This picture shows more square nails. While square and coffin nails were all the trend a few years back, I have always been an almond-shaped nail type of gal and so happy to see them trending again. It looks so much more natural especially with a neutral nail combo

    My other classic and simple favorite is a white french tip. The trick is to make sure you find a talented nail tech that knows how to do linework and doesn’t make the tip too thick or too thin

    If you’re feeling bold, try a french tip in a funky color combo. Recently, I have seen a lot of people get a natural pink base and different bright-colored tips for each nail like the picture below. I have also seen a lot of people get red, brown, or sage french tips, which makes sense since all of these colors have been trending recently.

     Now if you’re feeling extra bold, go for this monochromatic french tip look. It’s definitely more unique and makes a statement. I also love the use of cobalt blue.

    Personally, I have been trying to get my hands on a cobalt blue shade from Expressie but haven’t seen them in-store. If you’re thinking of attempting any of these looks at home Expressie nail polish colors are the way to go!! Check out my in-depth review here 

    For the next three or so designs having a talented nail tech is so important. I have had several friends that booked an appointment at a random salon and didn’t like the final product because their nail techs did not specialize in nail art. 

    I love the popularity of lightning bolts on designs right now, so this is a design I am considering trying soon. It has the perfect pop of color for spring, but still simple. I think I would only get the lightning bolt on my ring fingers and then paint the rest of my nails to match the color of the lightning bolt. What would you do? 

    The increasing popularity of zebra and psychedelic prints are big influences of all the swirled filled nail art designs I am seeing on Pinterest. The picture below is definitely one of my favorites so far. Simple but a great pop of color

    This Ying Yang design is another simple but fun one! I have seen girls switch up the colors to make more of a statement.

     Since 2012 I have been a fan of ombre and tie-dye nails. I would spend countless hours watching tutorials and attempting this look Youtubers claimed was easy, so end up with bare nails. For some reason, it would smudge too much and even after applying several clear coats, the nail polish would still look textured. In retrospect finding a professional nail artist would’ve saved me a lot of struggle and time. 

    I am not one to get her nails don't often because I do a lot of physical work, but I have friends that do. I asked them their best tips for finding a good nail tech (that seems to be half the battle). They all suggested using Instagram instead of Yelp because Yelp just gives overall nail salon reviews. In contrast on Instagram, you can use the hashtag feature to find nail techs in your area. Simply search nail tech + your area or nail art + your area as a single hashtag. A lot of results should show up. The best part is you can also check their tagged photos for less staged photos. Sometimes perfect lighting makes nails look better than in real life, tagged photos aren’t as staged with perfect lighting so it gives you a better idea of the nail tech’s work. 

    • Martina F Martina F :

      Great! I love nail art in general, and I like these new season trend! Can't wait to use cobalt blue as well!  

      3 years ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      I am not a fan of almond-shaped nails, but the lighting bolts and the very last design are looove. Thanks for sharing. Which one is your fave?  

      3 years ago 
    • Dana P Dana P :

      Love these designs! Definitely gonna do the monochromatic french tips!

      3 years ago 
    • Marcela I Marcela I :

      I do my own nails, and I temporarily own only neutral color only non-neutral color that I have is red lol good red color is a must like at least one little black dress   

      3 years ago 
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