The Best Daily Routine for Busy High School Students

    High school students are busier than ever trying to balance school, work, volunteering, extracurricular activities, and family obligations while still finding time for a social life. One of the best things high school students can do for themselves is develop a daily routine that will keep them organized, focused, and moving toward their goals.

    Here is a layout of the best daily routine for a busy high school student.

    1. Get up early and get ready each day

    Rolling out of bed and running to school in your pajamas is a terrible way to start the day, and you will feel rushed, unfocused, and disorganized. Instead, wake up with plenty of time to shower, get ready and dressed for the day, and eat breakfast. Go to fifthandroot.com for access to unique plant-based skincare products that are free from irritants and artificial fragrances. Fifth and Root products are made with natural ingredients for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and even wrinkles, even though you probably aren't worried about wrinkles in high school. The cleanser will gently remove dead skin cells, oil, and irritants from the skin while giving it moisture and nutrients to enhance its natural glow.

    2. Review the schedule and priorities for the day.

    Before leaving for school, review your schedule for the day so you have a clear idea of what your day will look like, what tests or assignments you have due, and what you have going on after school. Make a to-do list for the day, including things you need to get done at school and what you need to get done after school.

    3. Stay focused while at school.

    While you are in school, focus on what you are learning and doing. When you are busy, your mind may wander to what you need to get done after school or what you are planning to do over the weekend. However, not staying focused on the moment will create unneeded stress, as you won't hear things you need to hear and you won't be as prepared for tests and assignments.

    4. Follow a to-do list for homework, scholarships, and work.

    Once you get home from school, check your to-do list and add any homework that you were assigned that day. Once you are prepared, start working on the items on your list one at a time. Focus on each task while you are doing it. Multitasking has been proven to be highly inefficient, so it is vital to go through your list item by item. This should include homework and scholarship work. For example, the National Honor Society Scholarship is competitive, and filling out the application cannot be done at the last minute. It is open to high school seniors and requires hard work and dedication to being a student leader within their local community. The money can be used toward tuition at a U.S. college. They look at academics, school leadership, and willingness to make a long-standing commitment to the National Honor Society.

    5. Get to bed at a reasonable time.

    Finally, getting to bed reasonably without electronics needs to be part of the daily routine. Getting enough sleep is critical to mental clarity and motivation, and getting enough sleep is also important to your physical health and skincare. Not getting enough rest can lead to increased stress and fidgeting, leading to acne, redness, sensitive skin, and other possible complications. You want to look great and feel great.

    Being a young student with big goals isn't easy. You want to accomplish adult goals while still enjoying being a kid. You have to learn how to find balance in your life, and the best way to establish balance is with a routine that allows time for mental and physical health and reaching academic and life goals.

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