The best days of the week to party.

    In as much as I know a lot of people prefer Friday and Saturday to party due to work pattern but I still believe that from personal experience the best days of the week to party is Tuesday and Thursday.

    Sounds odd right? I might just have my wedding on a Monday while you all are still at work, ? lol. 

    As a karaoke lover what gives me joy is going out and seeing empty seats at the karaoke, having to sing as much songs as I want. I like the fact that I get to enjoy the stage alone with no pressure and feeling so free to party with friends and very few people. If you haven't tried partying on Tuesday or Thursday just try it and you will automatically stop going to those stressful Friday filled up parties.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend?

    What day of the week is best for you to have fun ? 

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