Things To Do In Summers At Home

    Being in home-stay order, we all have been trying out new things to keep ourselves busy. However, we all are missing on the suntans we all wanted to have this summer or the beaches we planned to visit, or for that matter any other travel plans. But instead of questioning the situation, we are in right now, we all have adapted to it. But who says, that we need to be somewhere to enjoy this summer. Home is just perfect.

    Stepping out of the box, I've tried to keep things fresh and fun and actually it's one part of this time that we'd both love to continue when things get back to normal. I also go out for walks or cycling in the evenings (not every day) to get some fresh air. Grocery shopping is the primary commitment for stepping out of the house though. But to keep things 'normal' at home, I put an effort to keep myself busy, happy and relaxed.

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