With fall, the season of bold and rich colors has finally arrived. It means the return of grey skies, yellow and orange leaves and a new color palette. It is time to wave goodbye to the light and pastel tones of the summer and embrace darker colors such as wine, chocolate, orange and blackberry. Putting on bold lipstick is one of the easiest and sexiest ways to update your look and add some sophistication. Experimenting with bold colors can be fun. However, if you want to create a look that you can rock all the time, here are some tips that you should know.

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    Pick the right color and shade

    Don’t wear unflattering colors. Picking the right color is essential when it comes to bold lipsticks. It is like picking a new hair color. You have to look at your skin tone and what that color would do to it. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid experimenting with colors. For example, ladies with pale skin and dark hair can bring out that natural contrast with stronger coloring. Also, if you already have a lipstick color that doesn’t quite work with your skin tone, try adding a gold gloss to warm the color. For example, black and gold lips can completely revamp your look. If you have thinner lips, darker lipstick hues can make them appear even thinner. To avoid this you should go for brighter colors. 

    Last year, luxurious matte lipsticks were extremely popular because the color appears richer and more vibrant. But they can also be a bit drying. Many ladies prefer that plump and moisturized look which is achieved by applying lip glosses in rich colors or a clear lip gloss for a high-shine finish. For fuller pouty lips, we recommend using lip plumper gloss which hydrates the lips and makes them visibly fuller.

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    Apply foundation or concealer

    For perfect color that will last, you should apply a little bit of your foundation or concealer on your lip line before applying the lipstick. This will help block the redness around your lip line and the color will last longer. This will also prevent your lipstick from smudging. Furthermore, this technique creates a neutral base, which will make sure you get the color that you wanted. 

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    Use a lip liner

    If you want to go for bold colors on your lips, you should make sure that your application is clean and precise. Using a lip liner in the same color is crucial if you want precisely shaped lips. In addition, using a lip liner in the same or similar color will help the color last longer and it will stop it from running over your lip line. Because lip liners are denser and drier, they are more immovable and keep the color in place all night. Filling in your lips entirely before applying the lipstick prevents it from becoming uneven or patchy during the night, too. It can also make the color you are wearing more intense. 

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    Focus on the lips

    When you are wearing dark lipsticks, the focus should be on your lips. This means that you should keep the rest of your look simple with minimal blush, soft colors, nude eye makeup and mascara, so they won’t steal the spotlight from your lip color. That way, the color of your lips will pop and people will notice your lipstick and not something else. This also creates a more polished and sophisticated look.

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    Avoid color stains on your teeth

    One of the main problems when wearing dark lipstick is that the color gets your white teeth. There is a simple trick to avoid this. Position your lips around your finger and pull it out. This will remove all of the excess lipstick from your mouth and it won’t get on your teeth. 

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    And finally, be confident

    These small tricks will help you have the perfect bold color on your lips, but the key to pulling off the look is confidence. To rock that color proudly, you need to have a good basis. Many people tend to forget how important is to prepare their skin and create a glowing, clean and even complex. This will help the dark lip color stand out and you will wear it with confidence.

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