Sweater Weather or How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

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Sweater Weather or How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

    Sweater weather is here and it won't go away for at least another 5 months.   

    While many women are convinced that oversized sweaters are not for everyone, I can tell you that they are, you just have to wear them in a right way.

    A few tips on how to wear oversized sweaters successfully and stylishly:

    ○ Wear them with leather leggings

    ○ Lucky ones, who have thin legs, can wear them with bell-bottoms, but only with high heels or wedges involved.

    ○ Statement earrings

    ○ Wear it together with a stylish pencil skirt and thin belt on your waist

    ○ Choose bright sweaters

    As for me it was a cozy day with a visiting friend of mine, I decided to wear it with thick black tights, wintery black shorts and stylish leather boots. It was a good choice for cycling around rainy Amsterdam.

    Don't be scared to be creative!

    xoxo Julia

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