Top 7 Amazing Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring

Top 7 Amazing Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring

    Lasers are commonly used in dentistry for various treatments, including gum contouring. If you want to treat severe periodontitis or make your smile more aesthetically pleasing, a laser is a perfect alternative to other invasive procedures. Laser gum surgery can be performed gently without requiring any stitches, which helps you achieve a fast recovery. This method helps eliminate bacteria and promotes jawbone growth around your teeth. Laser dentistry can help reshape your gums and treat sensitive teeth, periodontal disease, and tooth decay.

    If you’re seeking alternative treatments for your dental problems, continue reading to discover the five amazing benefits of laser gum contouring.  

    1. Minimally invasive

    Laser gum contouring is far less invasive than traditional gum reduction procedures. Traditional gum surgery is performed by cutting and peeling your gum tissue with a scalpel. This will lead to wound pain, stitches, and long-term healing. Because gum contouring uses a laser to treat your gums, it helps lower the risk of infection, sensitivity, and bleeding after the treatment. This also helps reduce the risk of complications. 

    2. Treats periodontal disease 

    Untreated gingivitis can develop into severe periodontal disease, which eventually can cause tooth loss. Periodontal disease causes gum pockets to fill with bacteria that cannot be fixed by regular brushing. People who experience severe periodontal disease can preserve their teeth with laser gum contouring. A laser is a perfect way to remove all the dangerous bacteria, even when they’ve penetrated deeply into your gum pockets.

    3. Improves smile

    Shiny and straight teeth are crucial to feeling confident when smiling. Gums also play a key role in your self-confidence. Do your teeth look short or do you think that too much gum tissue shows above your upper teeth? Excessive gingival display in your mouth can make you feel anxious when speaking, eating, or smiling. Laser gum contouring can help outline your gums and remove the excess tissue, helping you achieve the gorgeous smile you’ve always desired.

    4. Improved precision 

    Laser gum contouring involves no bleeding or damage to your gum tissue. A laser can help fix damaged tissue and promote the development of new and healthy tissue. This technique is highly thorough and precise. The laser itself can distinguish healthy gums tissue from an infected one. And this procedure won’t cause any damage to your teeth or jawbone. 

    5. Faster recovery

    Traditional gum reduction involves a painful and long-term recovery. You will also be required to maintain a liquid diet for several days after the surgery. Laser gum contouring typically causes little to no discomfort. And due to no cutting or stitching involved, the recovery after laser treatment typically lasts no longer than a few days. 

    6. Permanent results 

    Once the gum tissue is contoured with a laser, it won’t grow back. The reshaped gums will maintain their new shape permanently. However, it’s essential to practice regular dental hygiene and visit routine dental checkups and cleanings to keep your gumline healthy and clean.

    7. Targeted bacteria removal

    A laser can help eliminate mild infections of the gums as it vaporizes dangerous bacteria during gum contouring treatment. Laser gum contouring also helps reduce the occurrence of post-surgical infections. Your mouth and gums are a window to numerous organs and systems in your body including your brain, cardiovascular and immune systems. By eliminating bacteria and infections in your mouth, you can improve your overall health.  

    The bottom line

    If you want to treat mild or severe gum disease or fix your gummy smile, laser gum contouring is a perfect solution. This type of treatment is minimally invasive and helps achieve permanent results without the need to go through a long recovery process. 

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