Top Tips to Find The Right Tattoo Artist

    How exciting can be to choose your tattoo artist for the first time? It’s something that you should put a lot of consideration into because the design you’ll have on your skin would be forever. Therefore, you should research and find the right tattoo artist before diving into this new adventure. Oh, and don’t forget to pick the best tattooist for you; you must have already a design in mind. If you know what you want, then it would be easier to know what you’re looking for.

    Besides this, there are other things that you need to ponder. So, bear with us while we go through the main tips to find a tattoo artist.  

    1. Focus on recommendations

      Nowadays being tattooed is extremely common, and we can assure you have more than one friend with ink in their skin. If there’s a particular tattoo of friends that you like, don’t hesitate to get close and ask about their experience with that tattoo. Make sure to write down the Instagram of the tattoo artist to check later his/her portfolio. Also, pay attention to the service that the studio and tattooist provide. Some tattoo artists don’t put enough effort into the designs, and getting away from them is a must, so always ask about the design process.

      As well, follow the expert’s advice after getting a new tattoo. For sure, your friends can give you good recommendations regarding this matter too. But always do everything that complies with the advice of your tattooist. He/she would be the professional in the matter and the one that can solve any situation in the case that your healing process becomes complicated.

    2. Check their portfolio

      As said earlier, tattoo artists commonly use their Instagram accounts as portfolios of their work. So, after gathering the names of tattoo artists that your friends have recommended, it will be time to see their work. Remember some tattooists are specialised in some styles, and asking for a design that doesn’t go with their specialty would be a no. So, do a shortlist of the tattoo artists that do the kind of style you are looking for.

      After picking your favourite ones, don’t forget to ask if they will be able to do the tattoo design that you are looking for. Don’t hesitate on gossiping around and read the comments that the tattoo artist has on her/his Instagram account. You might find reviews of previous clients, and that will be helpful to know the kind of service that you can expect.

    3. Stick to your budget

      A big deal whenever you’re searching for the right tattoo artist, is to know if they will work the idea that you want with the budget that you have. You might find a tattooist with the most amazing designs in the world, but getting a tattoo with him/her will cost you a fortune. So don’t forget to ask about quotations, also, some tattoo artists can offer you to adapt the tattoo you want to make within your budget.

      Another option is to start saving money until you get the quantity needed to get your tattoo done the way you want. It all depends on whether you want to wait or if you want your tattoo done as soon as possible.

    And now prepare for the big day…

    • Eat properly

      And now that you have chosen the best tattoo artist for yourself, it would be time to prepare for the big day. The first thing that you need to do before your session is to eat properly. Remember that a tattoo is a wound, and your body needs to be prepared as best as possible for the pain response. If you don’t eat enough, you could end up fainting, and that's something that might ruin your tattoo session.

    • Free your schedule

      Don’t go to your tattoo session with the time tied up. Commonly, tattoo artist takes at least an hour doing changes to the design, preparing the stencil and their working space. In addition to that, the tattoo artist might take more time than expected doing details to your tattoo design and that can lengthen the session. So, to avoid being all stressed out, free your schedule and leave an hour or two more of free time.

    Last words:

    Getting a tattoo for the first time is a thrilling experience. If you would like to get into your session as informed as possible, then don’t hesitate on researching quick guides on tattoo needles, inks, or tattoo techniques. For sure, that will give you peace of mind when your tattoo artist starts showing you the material that he/she is going to use. Also, it can be a good topic of conversation while you’re getting tattooed.

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