Updated Hair Care Routine

    We all adore and want long healthy shiny hairs. Healthy hairs can add to the beauty and personality of any man or woman. Hairs are probably the first thing you notice in anyone, especially women. Beautiful shiny hairs always leave an impression. 

    As someone who is having major hairfall for three-four years now, I know exactly what my hairs need, for any form of strength and texture. I do need to wake up at a reasonable hour to provide the nourishment to my hair before any hair wash. Now that I am working from home, I don't have to put myself under too much pressure of getting up early to take care of my hairs. But my days now tend to blur into the evening faster than my fingers can aimlessly start to scroll social media. My updated haircare routine includes hair mask, hair wash, retaining the moisture and what not. Someone who has typical wavy frizzy hairs would understand. 

    To read basic tips head to,  Five Tips To Have Healthy Hairs. So, What's different about my hair now. Since I moved to Bangalore, my hairs started to have a lot of problems, hair fall, frizziness, reduced growth and volume. I have not been able to stop my hair fall successfully up till now. In my head, I thought Netherlands water and less polluted environment would be great for my hairs. But it seems not. 

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