Upgraded Ponytail Hairstyle Extensions for Summer

Upgraded Ponytail Hairstyle Extensions for Summer

    As we get ready for "warm woman summer," ponytails are the appropriate coiffure to sport, certainly due to the fact they healthy any event and may be dressed up or down. And the undying hairdo is precisely what you want to maintain your hair from your face whilst it is warm and humid outside. "Since we are all searching ahead to extra face-to-face interactions and parties, ponytails will maintain you searching adorable at the same time as dancing and playing out of doors activities," says Monee Everett, superstar hairstylist and founder of Texture Style Awards. 

    High Ponytail Extensions

    Ponytails extensions are clean to do and actually simplest take more than one seconds to tug collectively with a hair tie, however there is no denying that the easy go-to appearance can get a chunk boring. Below, Everett exhibits how she creates elegant ponytails on celebrities like Tia Mowry and Paige Hurd - plus, she stocks how you could improve your very own, too. 

    1.The Cornrow Ponytail 

    Cornrow Ponytail

    I'm a massive fan of the usage of cornrows to intensify any ponytail," says Everett. For this fashion, the hairstylist commenced with the aid of using parting Mowry's hair down the center. She then braided huge cornrows on each aspects of the element. "Next, I brought smaller diagonal cornrows at the aspect of the top to attract interest to Mowry's lovely jawline," says Everett. "Since all ponytails do now no longer ought to be on the pinnacle of the top, I brought curly hair extensions from Big Chop Hair to imitate her herbal curl pattern, and completed off with an oil to seal in her herbal moisture." 

    2.The Razzle Dazzle Ponytail Hair 

    Razzle Dazzle Ponytail

    jewels are an clean manner to make any Long ponytail Extensions appearance fabulous. To create this glamorous fashion, Everett commenced with the aid of using the usage of a robust preserve gel to clean Dominique Fish back's hair up right into a excessive ponytail. "I secured the ponytail with a hair tie, then I brought artificial braiding hair and braided a 26-inch ponytail to the tip," she says. To make this fashion a actual showstopper, the hairstylist brought flat self-adhesive diamonds alongside Fish back's hairline, during the hair, and down the duration of the braided ponytail. The Retro Ponytail Create a retro '60s appearance with this fun, flipped-out ponytail. "For this fashion, I brought mousse and an argan oil remedy to Paige Hurd's hair earlier than blow drying it with a spherical brush to set the curl, then curled it with a 1.5-inch curling iron," says Everett. The hairstylist then sectioned out the pinnacle 1/2 of of Hurd's hair, created a ponytail with the last hair, and secured it with an elastic. Next, she teased the the front segment of the hair and brought it to the ponytail. "To end off, I back-combed the pinnacle of the ponytail brushing the hair right into a flip," she adds.


    Braided Ponytail

    If you want the braided ponytails, then test this out. Here we've a textured and curly ponytail and the pinnacle segment of the hair is styled into braids. As you could see, the ponytail seems so elegant with the braids and the double braids jazz up the hair. There are tutorials for those braids online. Recreate this or you could strive a comparable fashion with a graceful ponytail. 


    High Half Ponytail with curly hair

    Next, we've any other 1/2 of ponytail idea. This time, the pinnacle segment of the hair has been styled right into a sky-excessive ponytail and the relaxation of the hair is free and superbly curled. It is a completely present day and edgy up-do that suggests off your very own feel of fashion. Try this or you could have a comparable ponytail with smooth and instantly hair too. 


    High Ponytail

    Next, we've a splendid hair idea. The hair is styled into excessive and curly ponytail. While the hair on the the front has a middle element with volume. It is a beautiful coiffure that has a antique glamour vibe. Hair like this can appearance notable for the promenade and it's going to praise any get dressed and makeup. Remix Relaxed Straight Ponytail is made from virgin hair that has been machine drawn to ensure that all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and dyed to a 1B tone. The Relaxed Straight looks like silk-pressed natural hair with a medium luster. 


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