What you don't do but you should? Put your life back on track

What you don't do but you should? Put your life back on track

    This transition time of the year after the summer is the worst for me to go back on track with my lifestyle. I have a feeling I am spinning in the circle every year. On the bright side, I am better every year how I handle the situation. So I made some steps...

    Don't get up too late in the morning

    For me this is like self-sabotage, I end up totally unproductive and unmotivated to do anything that day. My favorite sentence of this kind of day is I'll do it later (I am hoping, that I am not the only one). The same as you are planning to go on the diet but then you say I am on the diet from tomorrow. The latest I can stay in bed is until 8 a.m., everything after that is a disaster.

    Don't skip your skincare routine

    As someone who has problematic skin, this is mandatory for me to have a good skincare routine.  I don't want to put all those months in the waist of the good care. Plus I feel more awake after I do my skincare. You can splash your face with a bit colder water as well.

    Don't bench watching series in the morning

    Before, I loved to drink my morning coffee and bench watching Netflix. In the beginning, it was fine but after a while, I would sometimes waste all day watching TV (mostly Netflix, if I am being honest). I made myself stop doing that because I didn't benefit from it in the end. I have ended up with a bad habit.

    GY*T = get your things back on track 😉 

    Don't skip your time in a day

    Over the years I have learned that we often forget, to care first about ourselves. Our parents/ guardians taught us that we can't be selfish. But let me ask you how can you help and care for others if you don't feel like taking care of yourself first.  Last two years I have "discovered" how big affection this has on my life. Don't ignore it. Take good care of yourself and you can help other people around you when you feel better because you will create a good environment around yourself. Everybody is winning!

    If you are interested I have the whole video on my channel Am I allowed to be selfish?

    Don't write too detailed to-do lists

    I am big on doing lists, crossing things off the list. Over time, I noticed that I have started having my list so detailed that it's overwhelming. You may guess I wouldn't complete the whole to-do list at the end. Instead, put on the list the most important things. You will add things on the list of how the day goes by, or you can have a morning & afternoon list but just the most important task the rest you will put if I have time. Don't try to be a perfectionist, you are perfect the way you are.

    Don't be in a messy space

    This I have mentioned hundred times on my channel but I will say it again. If you are in a messy environment you can have a good productive day. Because it is a distraction all around you. Take each day to clean your space and have a bit of fresh air. I love autumn and wintertime just because I can light the candle and make a special atmosphere. Let's be honest in the summer is too hot for the candles anyway in my opinion. You will get in your focus zone way easier when you do have everything in place. I am a bit messy person I love to call it I have a creative mess but, you will be OK without your creative mess around you as well. I promise   

    Don't waste your time on people who don't deserve it

    I can say that I am the lucky one at least I feel that way because I have few people but they all are worthy of my time and energy. No negative energy and I can count on them no matter what. If you have a hard time sometimes you need help from others, and it is OK to ask for help. Along with the closest people in my life, I am a part of one amazing community of women empowerment! Fashion Potluck is an amazing platform that is growing and I am a part of it almost since the beginning.  I am so lucky to meet all these amazing women all around the world. I highly recommend checking them out!

    Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash 



    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      These are some very important tips, Marcela! Thank you for sharing. I agree, it's easy to slip into not-so-good-habits in winter. I have seen that happening for myself so many times. These are some pretty good reminders 💖💖

      7 months ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        Glade that you have found value in my post! Yes, slip into bad habits are very easy.

        7 months ago 
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