Why Are Pearls so Expensive? A Complete Guide to Pearl Jewelry

Why Are Pearls so Expensive? A Complete Guide to Pearl Jewelry

    Pearls have a long history dating back to ancient Egypt. They have been used in all parts of the world since their discovery. Pearls are the only jewelry that originates from living beings. They are formed inside a mollusk, which is a soft-bodied invertebrate with a shell, like a clam, oyster, or mussel. Any mollusk is capable of producing a pearl, but only those with shells lined with nacre produce pearls that can be used in the jewelry industry.

    Every girl dreams of having a set of pearls, whether it's a pearl drop bracelet or the classic pearl necklace. Pearls are especially popular among brides. In fact, some brides choose to match their outfits with only pure pearl strings. They can be found in many shapes and sizes, which contributes to the huge price range of pearl jewelry. If pearls seem like an interesting jewelry purchase, follow this article and discover interesting facts about them.

    Pearl types

    There are various pearl types depending on the pearl’s origin. The most popular ones are freshwater, Tahitian, Akoya and South Sea pearls. These pearls have different prices and colors and are used in the manufacturing of various jewelry pieces. If you want to purchase the perfect combination of pearl jewelry, be creative and pair a fashionable Tahitian pearl necklace with a nice pair of Akoya luxury pearl earrings, and to top it off, add a unique South Sea pearl ring. This combination is a match made in heaven.  

    Pearl colors

    Pearls come in a wide range of colors, so choosing one is a matter of personal preference. Different species of oysters or mussels will only produce natural colors that vary depending on environmental conditions. To meet the needs of the market, sometimes pearls are dyed rather than left with their natural color. When dyed, most pearls produce stunning colors to match current fashions. 

    The ability of the pearl to reflect light enhances the color, whether natural or dyed. This ability is what gives pearls the appearance of glowing from within. This radiance highlights the many different colors found within the layers of nacre that give pearls their distinct appearance, color depth, and complexity. Some pearls even have orient, which reflects light in such a way that it creates a rainbow of colors across the pearl's surface.

    Pearl prices

    Pearls are considered luxurious gemstones and are used for the creation of the most beautiful jewelry pieces. The larger the pearl, the higher its value. Larger pearls require more time to cultivate, and they are the only gemstones formed by a living creature. Other factors such as shape, origin, and luster play a key role in the pricing of the pearls, too. 

    Additionally, the value of a genuine pearl depends on whether the pearl is natural or cultured. Natural pearls are sea-found gemstones. Oyster divers search the ocean's surface for natural gems. On the other hand, cultured pearls are made through a pearl farming technique. They are still 100% real pearls, but they are less rare than natural pearls. Natural pearls are generally much more expensive than cultured pearls due to their scarcity.

    How to take care of the pearls

    Pearls are a gift from nature and require careful handling and long-term care. While it is essential to keep your pearls clean, it is also important not to use harsh cleaning products. Pearls are made of the natural substance nacre, which is easily damaged by harsh chemicals found in cleaning products, perfumes, and cosmetics. Pearls are porous, so providing proper care for your pearls is essential. The natural beauty and value of your pearls may be diminished if they are not properly cared for.

    When you decide to wear the pearls, you should follow a couple of rules. Firstly, before putting on the pearls, apply your makeup and perfume. Afterward, when you decide to take them off, wipe them down with a warm, soft cloth to remove any residual body oil, makeup, or perfume. Dehydration can be avoided by storing pearls in moisture-free environments. Be careful and avoid situations that will scratch or damage the nacre of the pearl. 

    Final thoughts

    Pearls are an amazing result of mother nature and the enigmatic beauty produced by the natural world. Throughout human history, pearls have piqued the interest of people all over the world. Since their discovery in ancient times, humans have sought to adorn themselves with pearls due to their captivating glow and unique luster. Nowadays, this remains the same, as pearls are recognized as a timeless accessory in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

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