Why You Need to Create a Wardrobe You LOVE!

    In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget about one of the most essential parts of it: our wardrobes. We stock’em up nice and high with new buys, which we then push to the back to make room for new things. And then we complain we have nothing to wear. Or we pine for beautiful things we can’t afford, rather than shop our own closets.

    I used to not pay so much attention to thoroughly curating my wardrobe. I never hoarded clothes or accessories I didn’t wear, but I also kept clothes that felt just OK (not great). So I often ended up wearing the same things over and over again, which completely stifled my creativity. And also made me not so happy with my style…

    “No more!” I said one day, and decided to take control of my wardrobe. I wanted it to reflect ME- my style, my passions, my mind. And of course, I wanted to share my thoughts and experience with you! So here are 5 strong arguments for curating a wardrobe you LOVE!


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