Writing with Winnie: Drafting Book Four

    Hey everyone how are you doing? I’m still busy as usual especially with writing book four of the Gods’ Scion series. I want to take some time and talk about it with you guys.

    30% Done with Writing Book Four!

    Yup, I’m slowly making my way through drafting book four. I couldn’t believe that I had already completed 30% of the book finished. Through writing it I kept most f my writing process the same, though I have made some changes.

    For one I started using a Goal Tracker through Story Origin. Which I have been loving! I love that I get to visually see how well I’m doing. As well as keeping myself on track and motivated to put writing. That is something I struggle with, writing motivation. I love to write and always have something to write about, but to sit down and type or write it may become difficult...

    read the rest here: Writing with Winnie: Drafting Book Four | Win's Books 

    • Kashish P Kashish P :

      Interesting topic i always go off topic while writing a story smh. Can you post the whole article? I hate to hop site to site☹️ 

      2 days ago 
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