Zara shorts and secondhand top

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Zara shorts and secondhand top

    Zara denim short and Bershka fannypack. Asos bracelet cuff, Asos pink sandals and Asos belt. Shein kimono.
    Secondhand earrings and secondhand top.

    My outfits are becoming more and more influenced by secondhand items.
    These influences make me very happy. Giving fabrics a “new” second life feels good and even mandatory.
    Ever since I was a little kid I questioned subjects like meat, disposable articles, consumption urge.
    I was shocked to find out that people I knew always needed to buy something when they were in the city.
    All of my stuff could be fitted in two bags, It gave me peace. Less stuff means less worrying.

    I’ve lost some of that focus ever since brands came knocking on my door for collaborations. It became even more distant when I started making real money and could finally buy my own clothes (which isn’t really that long ago).
    But I don’t want to be yet another example of a spoiled western girl who is presenting, to feel the urge to showoff materialism.

    From this point on I want my outfits to be more influenced by secondhand items and slow fashion.



    • Julia M Julia M : Absolutely gorgeous top! I'm surprised it is second hand! Love it! <3
      3 years ago 
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