About once a month or so, I enjoy taking a day trip to LA (because that's as much time in the city as I can handle without having a mental breakdown from traffic/ horrific parking). On the top of my list for high-end boutiques to visit in LA is none other than Dover Street Market. Step aside Rodeo Drive- DSMLA hosts current collections from a multitude of luxury brands ranging from fashion house giants such as Gucci and Balenciaga to more niche, avant-garde designers like Marine Serre and Simone Rocha. Along with the wide variety of innovative designs, the layout of DSMLA resembles an industrial maze featuring art installations that looks like a modern art museum rather than your standard high-end clothing boutique. Unfortunately, my wallet only allows me to gander all the beautiful clothes so to find pieces I can take home, I turn to some heavenly resale shops in the city of angels. 

    2nd Street on Melrose is the first one that comes to mind since they have a pretty great selection of streetwear and designer labels. If I know I'm going on a shopping excursion, I always go for a more minimal outfit with little to no layers so I don't have to spend half the time in the dressing room changing back into my OOTD. To keep the look from appearing too plain, I opt for a single statement accessory like these slime green earrings to spice up a straight-forward ensemble.

    Onto the few pieces I found at 2nd Street + other resale shops:

    Abodi Romper

    (This + my slime earrings= match made in heaven)

    Reformation Jeans from 2nd Street

    (Almost always a struggle to find jeans so it's a miracle when I find a flattering pair)

    Jil Sander Skirt 

    (Bargain of the day- only $27!)

    For a while now, I've contemplated posting clothing hauls on my blog. I've always thought about dipping my toes into the topic but worried that I might be promoting excess consumerism instead. Now, there's nothing wrong shopping, to an extent, especially if it's from vintage/ resale/ thrift shops. I strive to promote the latter as an alternative to fast fashion. At the same time, I never want to glorify shopping to accumulate possessions for status reasons or even for just the sake of it. Sometimes buying new pieces can help us get to a place where we can effectively express our thoughts, ideas, and emotions through our appearance. However, I never want to make the process the main goal in and of itself. In short, fashion to me is about expression and not solely consumption. PSA over. 

    For more pics of this look:


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