My love for jumpsuits continues from last year. I have always hoped ONE DAY someone will design a jumpsuit that prevents getting half naked for bathroom breaks. My dream is now reality. I will reveal the secret later! (Yes, keeping you hanging. : ))

    Those of you follow me on Ins know I recently took a trip to China. This jumpsuit was one of my favorite purchases from that trip. In this post I create 3 looks:

    Look No.1

    Wear as is. In the pic below I didn’t add the belt even though it comes with this jumpsuit. In the following picture, I added the belt which softens the look.

    Look No.2

    In this jumpsuit, the top and bottom connects with a zipper in the front. The design is insanely creative and user-friendly. Now the look transitions to a crop top with a big flare pant set.

    Look No.3

    Adding a suit jacket to the jumpsuit makes this an attractive, yet professional, OL look.

    This jumpsuit, like most other jumpsuits, makes you look longer. The bottom of the pants are wide so I suggest you pair with sandals (ideally with heels). I think this jumpsuit will work for almost any body shape. Certainly, an hourglass body shape will be ideal but overall this is NOT a body-shape-sensitive piece of clothing.

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