BANDANA in the lead role!

    Very trendy and IN is an old well-known scarf nicknamed "bandana". What kind of scarf is it? For those who do not know what a bandana is, it is a type of large, square and usually colored scarf usually worn on the head, hair or neck. But beware! Not only on your neck, many people will decorate their pet with it. After all, he is also entitled to be trendy!

    This type of scarf can work wonders even with clothes. From ordinary jeans and a white T-shirt, they conjured a stylishly harmonized and uniquely enlivened outfit.

    The bandana is mostly used as a hair accessory, which ties the hair or completes the final hairstyle. Most often it is loose hair, which is either ironed or complemented by beautiful airy beach waves. Bandana adds the stamp of a sweet rebel to women and they can feel feminine, but also as "roughnecks". This scarf, not only in connection with the clothes and the hairstyle itself, but especially the make-up, creates a perfect synchronization. Nothing will complete this supplement - bandana, than a distinctive make-up! The most used are strong red lips combined with strong eye lines or smoke make-up. Such a combination is simply TOP. And how generous the current fashion is and there is no need for color combinations when choosing a bandana, you can choose from a variety of colors as well as sample designs. More HERE!

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