Checked coat

    At the end of the weekend I come to you with a new entry with a large dose of pictures. As you've probably noticed the grille has become "must have" season - autumn / winter. For a long time I shrugged off before she finally caught me. In today's styling I put on a plaid coat of fashionable loose cut, which in the waist I caught the strap to make the set was more interesting and more elegant. The coat is ideal for autumn and spring, because it is not insulated completely not suitable for winter frost. For that I chose pantyhose tights and tight, ala suede boots, which this season also stole my serducho, despite the high heel are very comfortable. And do you like checkered garments, or rather not?  I hope you have been energized by the weekend, which will accompany you throughout the week. :) I invite you to watch the pictures and for my instagram in which you will find a part of my life and more pictures. <3


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